Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Photos # 6 – Square René Vivian, St Severin Area (Day 6)

2 Apr
Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & Gricinda

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Paris : Fiction and Images, a New Series of Each

Pictured Left : New – Slumming in Paris, Part One, Arthur & Gricinda.

A fun novella. A young couple with a little time before their two children and the children’s four young cousins all arrive to join them in Paris (Parts Two & Three).

The images in this series of posts of Paris photos, are a record of the visual experience that provides part of the inspiration for my series of Paris based family novels.


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Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Photos – # 6

(Day 6)


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Some days, our outings into Paris from our tiny apartment were simply for a few hours, though usually in the early afternoon, when the day would warm up from the cold of a Paris winter morning.

We would choose to do that, rather than a full day out, sometimes because we wanted to sleep in, or read and rest in the apartment, or simply because we were pooped and just plain needed to rest. ;-)

This particular day, I can tell from the photos, was a late morning, before the lunch rushes.  Maybe the afternoon forecast didn’t look good, or we were doing groceries or laundry that afternoon.  Either of which could be an adventure in itself!

In my Paris fiction work, I of course try to bring out the allure of being in Paris for my characters, but I almost always have them involved in day to day activities, like groceries and laundry.

In Paris, those are an experience onto themselves. ;-)

Below then, is the route from our apartment, into the Severin Latin Quarter area, and to Square Rene Viviani across from Notre Dame and to the side of Shakespeare and Company (which ironically, is the reverse path I’ve been reviewing and editing in an early chapter for “Slumming in Paris, Part Two, Antone and the Children”!


Small Street, Severin Area

Small Street, Severin Area

Either from Blvd Saint-Michel, or up Rue de la Harpe from Blvd Saint Germain, one enters the St Severin area of small streets chock full of small shops and places to eat.

It’s so tempting to mention all the places I’ll have photos of in the future off and along both routes into this area, but, there’s so many, so much, and it will come, with images ;-)

The small street above, Rue Xavier Privas, is one we frequented “very” often.  As you’ll see in this short pictorial journey, this will lead to one of many interesting places to visit in Paris.

Down the street to the right, Sheila and I had wonderful bowls of soup one very cold evening, a Turkish place I believe.  Up nearer, on the left, the dark inset area between the red awning and the corner shop with all the food posters, is Le Latin.  It’s actually quite bright and cheery, and only looks dark because the entrance is in shadow.  After our first time eating there, we would be welcomed back with complimentary wine for each of us.  Small, intimate, great service, decent prices. ;-)

From this one spot, one can go up ahead to reach Notre Dame, make a left to Blvd St-Michel, turn around and zig-zag south to Blvd Saint-Germain, or make  right toward St Severin.  Amazing!

It’s also amazing to realize that, this street, and this area, are distinct from the area in my last post, the shops and places to eat along and around Rue Saint Andre des Arts!


St Severin Church Tower

St Severin Church Tower

So making that theoretical right mentioned above ;-) one comes across the old church of St Severin.

The outside is so imposing, and yet the interior is rich in quiet texture and silence.


Small Street, Near Shakespeare & Company & Square Rene Viviani (Across the Seine from Notre Dame)

Small Street, Near Shakespeare & Company & Square Rene Viviani (Across the Seine from Notre Dame)

If you continue past the old church, cross a small but fairly busy street (Rue Saint-Jacques to the south, Rue du Petit Pont north) the Rue Saint-Severin becomes Rue Galande.  I really like the baby carriage parked at the sidewalk pole. ;-)

This is a relatively quieter street than when it’s the Rue Saint-Severin on the west side where we crossed, but has plenty of shops etc.

The Rue du Petit Pont, if you go north, reaches the Seine and you cross on the Petit Pont, and again reach Notre Dame, which has lots of ways to be reached!

Continuing on Rue Galande, pictured here, one then reaches the structure below.


Church of St Julian the Poor

Church of St Julian the Poor

The remnants of the Church of St Julian the Poor is small but fascinating.

Much larger, and even more fascinating, is the rich history associated with this very old church.


Inside Square Rene Viviani

Inside Square Rene Viviani

Wrapped around the old remnants of the Church of St Julian the Poor, on it’s other side, facing north and east, is the wonderful small park of Square Rene Viviani.

Even in mid-late November, a lot of vegetation remained in the park.

Literally across the side street to the west, is the old bookstore, Shakespeare & Company.


View of Notre Dame from Square René Viviani

View of Notre Dame from Square René Viviani

And finally, finishing the short walk in the images above, a gorgeous view of Notre Dame cropped by the park’s foliage.

The large tree structure to the right, which is actually one tree trunk supported by a sculpture made to look like a tree trunk, is said to be the oldest tree in Paris.  And the sapling that it grew from was from Virginia.

One of a continuing interlacing of connections between Paris and America. ;-)


Reminder: Clicking on the image will enlarge most of these photos, if everything’s working right ;-)





Paris, in our sixth day in the city, seemed to have spent itself showing us how rich in interest it was.

And yet, it had only begun!

My next two postings deal with our trying to find the Eiffel Tower, via walking, and then being there. ;-)


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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4 Responses to “Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Photos # 6 – Square René Vivian, St Severin Area (Day 6)”

  1. claudia April 4, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    smiles…beautiful to get another glimpse on notre dame you know…smiles

  2. brian miller April 4, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    ah i rather love the architecture…esp the ruins part of it…your story of the place you ate makes me think of a place we used to frequent…from outside you would wonder at the place…maybe even turn off, but if you went inside what a magical transformation that happened…

    • Felipe Adan Lerma April 4, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

      a lot of magic in some of those places ;-)

      my posts, my writing, poetry, fiction, everything, taking a big hit til june when this temp job ends

      good job, but commute here in austin – whew! heading to bed now ;-)

      thanks brian, take care


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