Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Photos # 7 – Walking to the Eiffel Tower (Day 7, 1 of 2)

13 Apr

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Grandma and Grandpa take the six young grandchildren, ages nine through almost eighteen, to a family yoga day class. In Paris.

Cute, engaging family fun short story.

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Basically, Sheila and I decided we could probably walk to the Eiffel Tower, got lost, and took these pictures en-route.  A very circuitous route. ;-)

We started in the late morning, got to the Eiffel Tower after lunch (though we did have a distant view of it from where we found a tiny pizza place to eat), and made it back to our apartment at dusk.

But that happens ;-) and did expose us to stretches and connections inside Paris we might not have come across on our own.

Part Two of Day Seven of our 5 1/2 week stay in Paris will show our Eiffel pictures.


Rue Serpente, Paris France

Rue Serpente, Paris France

Starting from our apartment, Sheila and I often walked and traveled on this tiny street, the Rue Serpente.

I’ve linked to a Google map of the street for two reasons.  One, so you can see how it connects so many interesting and fun streets we visited and that are being featured in this series, from the Blvd Saint-Michel to the Rue Saint Andre des Arts.  And two, so you can see how far it is to the Eiffel Tower.

Like distances on the map between casinos in Paris, places are visible from afar, but can take a long time to walk there. ;-)

We took this street this day, Day 7 in my Paris Photo series, as a shortcut to the Tour Eiffel (ha ha).

One last thing, besides being a neat street, is how the guard posts really stand out, kept up nicely, decorative.  Turns out, as Sheila pointed out to me when I was all ooh-la-la ’bout such a neat feature on a regular street, is how essential they are with car and truck traffic passing by as a person walked along the tiny sidewalks!


Archway on Small Street, Paris

Archway on Small Street, Paris

Like the arched way entrance off Blvd Saint-Germain that leads to the Rue de Buci (which eastward becomes the Rue Saint Andre des Arts) we suddenly came across this arch way working our way west toward (we thought) the Tour Eiffel. ;-)

The links immediately above give more info and images.

At this time, we were still mildly sleepy-walking, just discovering what was along the paths in Paris.  It’s amazing to me that, with all the standardized buildings and streets created by Haussmann in the 1800s under Napoleon III, there’s so much of the individuality of the earlier streets of Paris still extant.


Small Street, Paris

Small Street, Paris

Working our way along the Rue de Seine, we discovered an array of art galleries, mostly modern and contemporary, but with a few showing the soft romantic imagery I favor.  Determined to find the Eiffel Tower, we only window-gazed, but it definitely had a nice concentration of art along one street!

Don’t forget that, in the other direction, away from the Seine, is the Carrefour (one of our fav food stores), the beginning of the Rue Andre des Arts, and eventually back to Blvd Saint-Germain.  This is an important connector by-way.


Fall Foliage & Dome, Paris

Fall Foliage & Dome, Paris

By now the late morning sun had begun to warm the low clouds, and our walking had taken the chill from our bones.

Along the streets we threaded, still working our way west and toward the Seine (not realizing it curved back south where it passed the Eiffel Tower) we came across interesting remnants of fall foliage.  Nothing like what I saw when we stayed in Vermont for a while, but still, being from Texas ;-) very nice!

I thought the dome, and the three-globed street lamp, were a nice touch to the red leaves still braving early November in Paris. ;-)


Voltaire enroute to the Seine, Paris

Voltaire en-route to the Seine, Paris

What a pixie look on Monsieur Voltaire‘s face!  Like he’s secretly guarding the surprise spray of red over the green lawn, near the beginning of winter in Paris!

Besides the nice contrasts of color, light colored stone building walls and statue vs the dark metal fencing, tree trunk and deep green to the far left, the congenial diversity of forms and texture also is extremely appealing to me.

The street lamps’ elegant rise atop the curving wrought iron like fence, the wide spray of the red leafed tree and the crumpled ease of Voltaire’s stance, back by both a wall of grey sky and a sheet of stone from the background building, all contribute to an amazing snippet along the way for the search for the route to the Eiffel Tower. ;-)

I should add that part of the confusion and uncertainty about our route was that at that time, I still had my old phone, and it literally shut off after a moment’s use of a map app and gps.  That is now taken care of, thank goodness!

Also keep in mind, this is two young seniors I’m talking about doing this walk, my wife and myself. ;-)

And Sheila had just that summer had a total right knee replacement!  Which I fictionalized her recovery process in my novel, “Rosetta.”


Les Invalides, Paris

Les Invalides, Paris

We didn’t know what this building was til I did a Google image search for domed buildings in Paris, after we had come back to Texas.

Though only into the seventh day of our 5 1/2 week stay, it was evident that the procedure would be, take the picture, if we know or find out what it is, fine, if not, fine, we’d research it later.  It was just too much temptation to enjoy the moment, knowing we could piece together more of what we had experienced later.

At the time of taking this picture, I also had no idea what that skyscraper was in the background, though it would turn out to show up “almost” as frequently, in the distance, between buildings, over tree tops, down a boulevard, as frequently as that illusive to get to Eiffel Tower. ;-)

The Les Invalides, the domed building in the background, was another among many places in Paris that’ll have to wait for a return visit!


View of the Seine near the D'Orsay, Paris

View of the Seine near the D’Orsay, Paris

Finally, though not yet at the Eiffel Tower, and actually a ways to go via our final looping walking route, we reach the Seine.

To the viewer’s right is the Musee D’Orsay, which, in future Paris Photo postings, I’ll have much more images of.

We rested, and with renewed energy, eventually wound our way in a loop to the Eiffel Tower, which we could have followed the river to.  But we didn’t know that, yet. ;-)

Reminder – if all the settings are working right, you should be able to click on any photo for a nicely enlarged more detailed look.  Almost always interesting what nuances show up along the walks or shadows, or even the sky. ;-)


Preview, Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day



Next posting I’ll have images from our first visit back to the Eiffel Tower since around 2001, when we made our first trip, a one-weeker, to Paris.

I think one of the things I found most surprising, since we had made that trip a decade ago at night, was seeing the vastness of the Eiffel grounds visible during the day.

Thank you for visiting my site. ;-)



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