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dVersepoets FormForAll – Writing Visual Prompt, “Winter and Spring Form For All”

23 Feb
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“And The Idea Is…” : Original Places poetry, linked in response to dVersepoets.com site’s prompt post, “FormForAll – Writing Visual.”


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winter and spring form for all : original places poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


The Prompt, “FormForAll – Writing Visual” from dVersepoets

gay reiser cannon, hosts dversepoets’ prompt, “formforall – writing visual” and gets into quite some detail about form in poetry via an article by a poet called blue flute, “comparing Japanese and Chinese poetic forms and discussing how these can be adapted into English….”

she posts some of his work, including this excerpt,

“While the written form and rhythm is certainly important, equally important is the visual nature of the poetry and lack of abstract language when compared to Western poetic tradition….”

a history of japan’s written language, as influenced by china is part of this exceptional essay

haiku and tanka are discussed, with some interesting samples included

the prompt itself reads,

“Not worrying about the written form too much, try to write a poem using mainly tangible images to convey your thoughts, using as little abstract vocabulary as possible.”

it’s nice to have some sway, some polite compassion for creativity, and i thank dversepoets for that ;-)


with the changing of the seasons well under way down south, and appearing sooner, even if in fits, up here in the northeast, the following came to mind ;-)


Winter and Spring Form For All

sea foam in clouds
trailers with windows
flowers awaiting spring
bird topped billboards
snowflakes whispering past
razor edged ice
rabbits squirrels chipmunks
wrapping tapping tails
billboard birds watching
tourists students pets
melted snows surprise
restaurants open early
northern spring time
smudgy reflecting mirror
91º austin texas
bagels beer baseball
weather stretched daylight
spring stretches the continent
like lyrics licking lines out on
form is found in held outlines
the eye rolls round the edges
feeling the fullness
tasting the buoyancy
winter is a line
stretched from boston to san diego
spring is an intensity
pulling hair
from san francisco to charlotte
form finds itself felt and filled with
winter boots scarves mitts
mind their place by the door
in fits form fans embers into motion
swimming hole trunks teeter
on hooks by the screen door
“how ya’ll today?”
hot? no, not yet, ustedes?
“cold…no, no way, you, really?”
not s’long as the meals aren’t cold, lol
2000 miles is
than we thought

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


as the essay on dversepoets indicates, forms evolve…

the image language of china gets merged and individualized in its usage and adaptation to the sounds people spoke in japan –

it’s no surprise the same happens here, and inversely there, i would assume

and even dialog, i realized as i was finishing my poem, being the sound itself that language came to imprint as a record on a surface, whether as an idea, an image, an abstraction, or a sound of a voice we recognize, even more so dialog i think, when done well, conveys all of that…

g’nite everyone ;-)

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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