I Slept like a Log, uh, Tree (Pose)

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i slept like a log, uh, tree (pose)



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waking, has been it’s own kind of dream lately

Dawn, White Flowers in Tree
Dawn, White Flowers in Tree

i’ve contended and firmly believe that most of what we learn, doing asanas, is really more a remembering, or re-connecting to what is already part of us [1]

most frequently, i find a reminder to this re-connecting, during the doing of a fitness routines i like – though, i rarely do one i don’t like anymore   😉

chasseing or twisting or breathing, i’m reminded of doing something similar at another time –

things, movements i did before “fitness training” or “workshops” existed –

i’ll remember sitting on a roof, as a young teen, mid july in houston, doing summer construction work and, typically, will smile at remembering how i didn’t even notice the heat – the concept of feeling hot never even crossed my mind – i didn’t even sweat!

now, remembering the same moment, i notice how i’d twist so fluidly, to the right to reach for a new wood shingle with my “left” hand, eyeing the next shingle for placement among the rows, sizing-choosing where it could easily lap the gaps between those shingles already laid down to prevent leakage –

twisting back to my left shingle in hand, and, having chosen it’s best over-lap spot, created a gap between it and the shingle it’d lay next to, to allow for a natural expansion and contraction of wood in houston heat and humidity –

reaching for galvanized nails from a nail box (called a stripper) that hung from my neck with worn leather straps, then twisting again, further left, as i brought my hatchet hammer across my torso with my right with a tap-tap as swift as allowed my left hand to escape being smushed, tap-tapped the nails, heads flush into the wood –

seeing the shingle laid flat secured to the decking below –

and now, now, i realize how easily i breathed with each movement…

not an inhalation exhalation with each micro or mid-range movement, but a slow..steady..breathing in..and..out…

throughout the various motions, the motions joined as one movement within one breath

more frequently, i find this type of memory-joining occurs during aerobic or stretching or strengthening routines

lately, in the morning though, when i first wake to the fact that i’m in my bed, my sleeping wife snuggled near by, the light

beginning to detail the view outside our bedroom window –

my first wakening breaths bringing me wiggles –

in my shoulders..with archings in my lumbar while i squeeze my groin and stretch my neck –

i’ll point my toes and, think, yes, oh, yes, there’s my right foot..toes caressing my left inside thigh –


i’m in a supine tree pose!

tree pose [2] is not one i “practice” on a daily, or even frequent basis –

yet here it is, my in-my-sleep, go-to wake-up pose 😉

Morning, White Flowers in Tree
Morning, White Flowers in Tree

from that pose, still supine still sleepy in my bed, i sometimes press my sleep walking foot, gently to the other leg, and in this mild tension, isolate and flex my hips-laterally, with light lifting stretches, pulling my lats like ladders toward my heart..awakening me..slowly

by now, leo [3] would have quickly known i was up, meowing it’s was time to eat!” 😉 and sheila, sensing i was waking, have made an instant decision, to further wake, or slip back to needed sleep…

first few times, i figured my waking tree pose was an “accident” – night time positioning gone wild!

but it’s become more regular, though not yet a habit

this, i believe, is a new level of remembering or re-connecting, to the already-present postures, patiently posing..in my yoga-dna

and as long as i don’t wake up on my head, dream or not [4], that’s ok with me 😉



[1] “asanas are inherent and evolved from our very being, our DNA

[2] tree pose – vrksasana; i tend to remember the sanskrit name better when i think of the “vrk” part as similar to the “bark” of a tree; whatever associations work is good i think 😉

[3] thank you leo

[4] i’ve got some cervical disc issues, so best my waking and dreaming selves align, in more ways than one 😉 and i keep good safe healthy form



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  1. I was just googling to see what the meaning behind sleeping in tree pose means? I’ve never practiced yoga before but I often find myself waking up in that pose or when I’m going off to sleep? I only raise my right leg though never the left and it’s so comfy!


    • i tend to favor one leg up than the other also, must be natural 😉

      yoga, by way of its concentration on mindfulness, tries to create a greater balance within us i believe

      so you might, if you wanted to, when you catch yourself in tree pose 😉 shift to the other leg – don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding your breath, since your body’s not used to it; we often try to quiet ourselves for self-observation by holding our breath, so breatheeeee 😉

      later today or tomorrow i’ll be posting a new posting on breathing, it’s part of my 3 post series on aging gracefully into 62, but of course is good for anyone 😉

      here’s the link to part one

      best wishes, thanks so much for checking out the concept; i think you’ll have lots fun finding out more 😉



    • it’s more and more amazing to me everyday 😉

      and i don’t even know if i probably was sleeping kinda that way at times or not in the past, but i sure wouldn’t’ve recognized it (tree pose) without yoga!


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