Yoga Wakes Me Up (in the middle of the night)

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


yoga wakes me up (in the middle of the night) 😉



first, it was waking up to find myself in tree pose [1] , supinely if sublimely so 😉

now, it’s a supine spinal twist [2] , only not nearly as sublime –

Suspended Knee
Suspended Knee

i woke with a seldom but unwelcomely recurrent pain in my right hip –

re-positioning, the pain eased quickly –

but my yoga studies –

after 10 years of physical home practice in blissful ignorance…

after nearly a year of intense fitness learning from AFAA and SilverSneakers

after a much more recent yoga teacher immersion plus other yoga workshops dvds books and ongoing online offerings…  [3]

yes, my yoga studies!, have begun to teach me in my sleep! 😉


so i woke, looked down at my legs under the covers, though not in pants like this picture, of course 😉 and saw what i wouldn’t have seen, hadn’t seen, and didn’t see, even a few weeks ago!

i sleep like this a lot…feels good to me  [4] , and the hip pain has been sparsely spaced in time – so i must only at times have been doing this :

Unsupported Space
Unsupported Space

balancing my lower leg so neither the medial edge of my foot, nor the medial side of my knee, rested on support –


my leg had been suspended [5] , to wobble to waver, to tired in the night, unable to find its spot of rest –

sorta a supine twisted tree 😉 with a leg-branch see-sawing to sound of zzzzz’s


i’d felt the pain immediately when i woke  [6] , recognized the memory of its location, plus the intermittent times i’d have a lingering pain pop up some mornings…my nagging companion for the day

the solution?

simple as a pillow, as per doctor oz 😉


yes, my fitness interests in alignment etc (or rather sheila’s, she’s as regular to doctor oz as i am to my favorite online sites) provided me my pillow-talk solution –

while my yoga “practice” is refining my awareness for alignment, support, and, oh yes, comfort…


so, to my favored closing,

namaste – con dios – god be with you

may i add, this one time,

may your leg branch find the forest floor and bring you “sweet sweet dreams” 😉


have you had something similar happen? tell us, leave a comment! 😉



[1] aka, vrksasana, like tree-bark-asana – best way so far, for me to remember the sanskrit name 😉

[2] supta matsyendrasana, like super sitting on the mat, with a twist laying down

[3] ton! like ray long, paul grilley, magazine of yoga, yoga dork, the yoga lunchbox, more more more –

for suggestions with links for yoga fitness and the arts, please go to my links page

[4] doctor oz, in this video link, says this position is good for the spine, so i had that part right 😉

[5] all three images in this post by my wife sheila and myself

[6] “will doing yoga make me sore?” is a question ann pizer at asks, providing a short useful answer, plus related links



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  1. just wanted to reach out to you outside of yoga dork since our conversation is maybe not so relevant to the original topic. I am in Katy, it looks as though you aren’t too close. but maybe you can see me at yoga west some time. I have cautious optimism in the new leadership of YA, and I have been a critic. I think my really long letter to them may still be available at yoganomics


    • hello, nice to meet you outside yogadork 😉

      i’m in galveston myself right now, til june when my wife and i are gonna move closer to her family in vermont

      plus i’ll have a larger base to build classes from there; there’s some really good yoga teachers here in galveston doing a great job for a small population base

      my target group is mostly seniors, but am getting more and more younger people who need more time to work back into conditioning, have had very bad yoga teacher experiences (mostly re being too harsh in posture application), or have special needs and just hadn’t come across someone willing or able to help them with modifications etc

      i’ll check out your letter to YA – i would really like to see them succeed, or it’ll go to some other group that just jumps in with the clout and means and recognition to take this issue to national standardization

      if YA took the lead, it could create a more minimal, less invasive national standard, that the differing states would accept; then create more advanced levels (spiritual, medical, etc) – they can do it, i just hope they do 😉

      magazine of yoga has a nice interview with rodney yee on some of this :»+How+Yoga+Works%29


      thanks so much for the super creative talk; these are issues with ripples in all the fitness and wellness industry, and yoga will be placed in those rubrics – the clubs and natl cert asso’s will demand it, if the yoga teachers crossing state lines dont’ first 😉


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