“Galveston in the 21st Century, in Three Parts” – original poetry, art, photography

The Sea Galveston Texas, Original Oil Painting © Felipe Adan Lerma
The Sea Galveston Texas, Original Oil Painting © Felipe Adan Lerma
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“galveston in the 21st century, in three parts” – original poetry, art, photography

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my first poem of the year, this fifth month, of our last year in galveston
[ updated 08.11.19 ]


Galveston in the 21st Century, in Three Parts

my first trip to galveston

from my first trip from houston with my parents and younger brother, creeping down hwy 3 past hamlets now grown into hustling cities sprawling mid-way back to houston –

up broadway’s final slope to gain the high ground of the seawall

my four year old eyes first saw the now gone mile-long stretches of clean beach

i saw the relentless calling-waves of the gulf, the breeze immediate

i was imprinted with remembrance

i was awakened to my desires

i returned, year to year,

and only just knew

i now carried it

inside me



our last stay in galveston

cranes and pelicans

hawks and sea gulls


they see the island, residents

have forgotten


is always here


storm-rebuilds abound

seawall enhancements

new sand, new rock groins groaning


shells re-gutted to rebuild the past –

the flagship hotel 

hosting families lovers kids and strangers since

i first came here half a century ago

a shell since last hurricane…no

rebuilding the stucco walls

with mermaids

this time




a memory-remnant, from before the seawall, ferris

wheels – fun across the water when casual was

a light full suit, top hats and pants – and


was wire mesh or lace…

back then 😉



drivers crawl for parking spaces by the sea as

specks of pelicans v-line the sky

searching streaking lines of food swimming


the moving lapping surface


the water’s waves rise and fall in chops as sea gulls

swish and sway and stay aloft

currents of air and water change bathing

babies babes and better halves behaving

cautiously, the foreign feel of movement,

salted air, all around their swim-

trunked bodies –

caressing skin unexpectedly, un-shyly…


hawks hold back, riding the sandbar’s salty seagrass edge for tiny prey

praying the last lands of food aren’t once again swallowed

by a searching sea


everyone remembers this is

borrowed land

the sands shifting seamlessly south

the beach huts and houses rising falling with

relentless winds of timeless changing


the pelicans know, were

here before the coast cracked to create

the sandbar Lafitte found so



the cranes say they’ll return and see

what’s left

next winter, other

places to go things to see


the people know too


the sea calls, but the sea takes



to live in galveston is to



we’re “remembered” by the wind we are

we are but visitors


even back, on houston’s higher drier ground


so we breathe, we breathe


the sea breeze-trails sink memories

from the air


every cell


we are aloft too

that way…


goodbye galveston

i’ve cupped your stars so seldom seen in houston

i’ve rinsed my hair in salt spray licked by waves of green

i’ve seen a thousand sunsets across the bay

as gorgeous as the carribean

i’ve heard your whispers along the rocks stretching fingers

of stone walkways from the beach

and i’ve heard your warnings that only change changes –

hurricanes return, the sunrise rises, the sea birds fish the day

and lovers sense softness beneath their feet, each night, along the crawling shoreline

their breath is the same breath they breathe in from the darkened night

their hearts beat with tides tied to moons and moods and amore

none of this will i miss – it rests, knowing, within me

reminding me, feeding me

i carry you

always, all ways, all the way

back home…

© felipe adan lerma, 2011


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The Sea, Original Oil Painting by Adan Lerma


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