Happy National Teachers Week : “Middle School Teacher” – Original Educational Poetry

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Over six dozen original poems for teachers of all levels, plus dozens of support staff.  Please see Press Release for further information.


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“Middle School Teacher” – Original Nurses Poetry


“middle school teacher” is a sample of the teacher, student, and other poetry featured in my ebook, “teachers students & educational specialists

this collection of poetry was written beginning in the early 90s, when my wife and i both presented and sold them in mall and arts shows in texas

teaching has been close to my heart since, well, spending nearly as much time with teachers growing up as being home with family. 😉

below, in a tribute to one of the more forgotten stop-points of teachers we grow up with, maybe because our elementary and high school teachers are such powerful beginning and ending points, is my poem for middle school teachers

when i focus on that time period, it is easy to see the power of that transitional time


Middle School Teacher

You see it in their faces,

the struggle.

Part child – part adult.

Their foundation is laid but you’re

here to smooth the edges so the new

home still being built will last.

And they don’t even know how

transparent they are.

But that’s ok, you can then comfort

 the child while leading the adult –

 reinforcing the good already there

 then introducing all the new good

 they can accept.  You

 are like a giant helping hand

reaching out to the students’ pasts

grabbing hold of all worth saving then

giving them an ever so friendly

push toward their futures.

© 1994-2012 Felipe Adan Lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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