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dVersePoets is continuing to celebrate a year of poets getting together and sharing their work in a supportive environment, thanks to co-founders brian miller and claudia schoenfeld

recently i posted a series of writings and samples about my fiction writing, now i have the opportunity to write a small poem about writing poetry!

this “forms” prompt, from gay reiser cannon, is focused on asking what is poetry, beginning by saying :

Most scholars agree that poetry is linked to our most primitive past, and came into existence in an expression of emotions usually accompanied by rhythms (percussion, drums, singing, chanting,) and music. Therefore it enjoys the station of one of man’s oldest and basic arts.

she then presents an interesting look at poetry in term of “content,” “form,” and “effect” and includes a short piece from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

i had written my poem below before reading that portion, but am glad to follow in his invaluable sensed poet’s tradition of  the elements 😉

it’s amazing the varied range of discussion in the prompts from dVersePoets, i hope you get to go by there and check it out


How I Write Poetry

i’m an air sign that

catches fire

sparklers and bursting


doused with rain

sprinkles and gushers


bleeding pigments,

into the earth

sandy and rocky and fertile

but i

started as air


inevitably rise in wisps

from the tendrils of plants

as pollens of oxygen

wrapping myself



cyclones and breezes



once more

it’s how


brush myself into




get to wonder and smile about….

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. This poem has so much of the lightness and playfulness of what poetry can mean. I think too that poetry can liberate our spirits, raise them into realms where possibility is the rule. Your poem gives a sense of that possibility both in content and in its form.


  2. Ha! And to think I almost skipped this! I wondered whether I really wanted to the ‘shape’ poem, and carried on since I’d started anyway, and my smile kept broading, and the words expanding – and what an experience!

    This is a GREAT piece!


    • susan, just found (along with a comment from stu, also via dversepoets) your comment in my spam folder!

      thank you for sharing what you found in my lines, esp liked, “the bursts and whispers of sound and life”

      gonna try and remember to check my spam stuff maybe once a week or two, take care, blessings 😉


        • thanks claudia, for both the lovely weekend and good wishes for sheila, she’s doing much much better, even if wearing herself out (a tiny bit) getting herself back into her former mobile self – now she’s hinting she’s getting eager to see “how much better” she’ll be able to get around 😉


  3. i like to smile at your rainbows as well…love the transformations through out this as well…through all the elements…air, fire, water, earth…taking a bit of each and back to air to lift it up…nice adan…


    • thanks brian, kinda like dust to dust but from air to air 😉 i’ve often wondered what our wanderings through the years might be about, seems to be something about absorbing things from the people and events in our lives, nice prompt from gay, thanks 😉


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