PhotoPoem: “Passages in Moments”

The Children

Pictured, “The Children”

Third in A Love Story Series.  A fun family gathering and adventure.  Featured on The Indie Spotlight.

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“Passages in Moments”

you saw the movement of two

forms silhouetting against

the gold and ancient



Passage of Moments (front) Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma
Passage of Moments
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma

you began taking pictures

snapping adjustments

of shutter-timer




Passage of Moments (middle) Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma
Passage of Moments
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma

you caught the stillness

surrounding the gentle

motion of two spirits


among the ruins

Passage of Moments (back) Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma
Passage of Moments
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma

and you realized you had

been talking to yourself

all along….

© felipe adan lerma 2012


dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar Prompt : Exploring Second Person

hosted by : Victoria C. Slotto

i saw the prompt was for second person usage at dverse and thought, no idea what to do for that, then had this idea, hey, talking to oneself is a sort-of second person, so why not try that 😉

additionally, i wanted to use these three images of my wife sheila and claudia, who had come to paris on business for the day –

fortunately she had a couple hours we were able to meet with her with, and these are from a nearby church, just across from notre dame, st severin (i’ve placed a link below)

hand-holding a small compact and shooting without flash (restricted inside most churches & museums) is tricky enough for me, which i often somewhat solve using a two-second timer release, but –

this created blur motion of the two of them walking and chatting quietly in the chapel

turned out perfect 😉 and inspired the idea of motion in stillness

special thanks to victoria, hosting dverse, for the unexpectedly timely prompt 😉


St Severin Paris – there’s an english flag for choosing english for the page,_Paris

an old gothic looking solid structure full of angles, gargoyles, and solid walls on the outside –

filled with ancient timeless beauty on the inside!


Next PhotoPoem Series, Austin Texas

two challenges for photopoems for austin :

1) i’ve lived there on and off for decades, so what’s new to shoot that “i” like?

2) we’ll be there at least a year (barring the unknown), so selectiveness and intermittent-ness will have to be major guiding key words 😉

both challenges are something i’ll, eventually if not immediately, find interesting 😉


Site on Vacation December 15 (Paris) – Mid January 2012 (Austin)

taking a cue from the french tradition of, not only taking a month off during august, but doing so because it best fits their life styles 😉 my site and i are taking a vacation from blogging to finish our move from texas to vermont to paris to texas 😉

i will return, barring the unknown or need to either come back sooner or later, about mid january, from the self-proclaimed music capital of the world, austin texas

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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PhotoPoem: “Passages in Moments”


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  1. very clever and oh so familiar. i often catch myself talking to myself, especially when i’m angry… it’s soothing, helps me blow off steam.
    great idea wonderfully visualized.


  2. Lovely pics and lovely gentle words Felipe. It is good to talk to ourselves – sometimes the only way to sort out a problem.

    Anna :o]


  3. haha…nice…you may have caught me taking to myself…i do that on occassion when i am concentrating and focused…cool shots too…the symmetry of the butteresses are really cool…


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