Presenting New Creative Work – Through 2013 : Audio Books, Gift Items

Slumming in Paris, Part OnePresenting New Creative Work – Through 2013

Fiction, Poetry, Gift Writings, Gift Images, Audio Books

Pictured Left : “Slumming in Paris, Part One

Available in eBook, paperback, and soon, Audio Book.

Part Two expected before the end of this year.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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Presenting New Creative Work – Through 2013


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Why the Delay in New Posts

It’s been awhile since I last posted, and I’ve had the best of excuses, the incredible heat I’d “almost” forgotten about being away in Vermont and Paris. 🙂

But the real reason for the delay is much nicer.  I’ve been working on Part 2 of “Slumming in Paris.”

Now, while Part One is a snappy quick novella, lot of fun to read of course, Part Two continues to morph and grow.  It does cover a much longer time period in Paris than Part One, and also has the full cast of younger characters I like to use in my short stories and other longer work, like “The Children,” which is set in Italy.

In many ways, I “could have” been through with Part Two by now, and will, in an upcoming post, go into detail about what I’m learning, and learning to accept, about letting one’s work be organic and true as that can be in a creative work.  That piece is tentatively titled, “Processing My Fiction – Long Short or In-Between, What Size Part 2, Slumming in Paris.”

Meanwhile, this post is to briefly list the type of posts I’ll be concentrating on through the end of this year.

Lots of new items and work are coming available, and each will receive a short post.


The Solution (for now) – New Shorter Work & Brief Blog Posts

As I allow myself the time to complete Part 2 of Slumming in Paris, especially in a way that I can be proud of, these are the shorter smaller creative projects coming online now and in the immediate future, and which will each be featured in a short blog post dedicated to each item.


Gift Writings of mine and Sheila’s original poetry – some is already available.

sample – one of Sheila’s poems


Gift Images of my original photography, mostly from Paris and Austin, but hopefully other places too.

sample – Paris! at night 🙂


Audio Books – I have six titles currently being narrated and in progress through ACX, and two more titles available.  I don’t believe I’ll be up listing more titles, poetry or fiction, until I can get the current batch caught up.

I hope to not only blog each title as it completes (to be available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible), but to blog interviews with the narrators.  Find out more from their perspective.


Poetry – I can resume creating/posting new and older poems, and hopefully linking to dVersePoets, who offer such great opportunities for poets.


Fiction – Long Work : Continue working on my longest fiction work to-date, Part 2 of “Slumming in Paris,” with updates about the process of doing such an extended piece.


Fiction – Short Work : I’ve been creating lots of what I consider really fun easy to read short stories, some also available in collected works volumes I create, and will let folk know a little more about each one, briefly. 😉

sample – set in Galveston, inter-generational, fun!


Places to Submit Creative Work to – Lastly, as I look for and find places I’m at least considering submitting to, I’ll do a short post giving info on the site.  Many have requirements I’m not ready to be able to fulfill, ie, an original work not yet published digitally or physically, but I like the possibility, and may create a short story or poem specifically for them.  The down side is getting rejected, the upside is, if I like it enough to submit, I’ll have no qualms self-publishing it. 🙂

I have no problem letting folk know about these opportunities ’cause I don’t believe not letting the few people who read my blog 😉 know about these is gonna affect the huge number of submissions the more quality places already get.

Besides, most of these magazines and sites also state that, if they “really” like something, it doesn’t matter about topics, seasons, and other work already accepted, they’re gonna want to publish you.  So all the best of great fortune for all of us!

Sample location that’s done well for me is Belleville Park Pages.  They’re expanding, and available in more and more locations.  Worth checking out.


Last Word

Ok folks, I’m off to my 45th high school reunion 😉

I’ve an older reunion poem from 2008, my last get together with my old class mates.  Maybe for dVersePoets’ Open Link Night prompt this coming Tuesday, I’ll post it and a new one for this year’s reunion.

Have a great weekend everyone.  For those further north, enjoy the cooler weather.  For us, here in southeast Texas, we’re “starting” to get glimmers of the end of summer, temps have dropped below the 100s (we hope)!

For that, among many things, I am grateful. 🙂


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