Kindle Scout, Now International: Participating Authors Tell About Their Experiences

reviews IMG_0013 copyKindle Scout, Now International:

Participating Authors Tell About Their Experiences

Some were chosen, some were not, and others are still waiting for their 30 day submission for nominations to wrap up.

Since I am seriously considering submitting my next work, a followup thriller to One Night in the Hill Country, to Kindle Scout. I decided to do an early scouting of my own.

Here are links to blogs where authors write about their experiences, plus a link to where anyone (with an Amazon account I believe) can read extended excerpts of submitted works and nominate which books each reader thinks Amazon should consider for publication.


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Kindle Scout, Now International:

Participating Authors Tell About Their Experiences


November 11, 2015

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I’m already a fan of trying out Amazon programs. Besides the regular Kindle online bookstore, I also have my books in Kindle Unlimited. Plus, I have one story (and more being developed) in each of two Kindle Worlds. One is in Joe Konrath’s Jack Daniels KW, and the other is in Ann Voss Peterson’s Codename: Chandler KW.

So the idea of trying a manuscript out in Kindle Scout has its appeal for me. Mainly with exposure to a larger audience.

In studying the pros and cons of trying out KW, I came across writers who had won, some who hadn’t, and some still in the 30 day process of nominations.

And, Kindle Scout is now International! Means a lot more competition for writers, but also a lot more choice for readers.


How it Works –

Read and Nominate the Books You Like

Readers, such as myself, can choose from quite a few genres, pick out titles based on the cover and blurb and tiny excerpt, and choose to read a healthy size but not too big size excerpt sample.

The sample can be read online or sent to one’s Kindle. I did a little of both.

If a work I nominate is then chosen to be published by KS, I get a free digital copy. The KS How it Works page says:

As a thank you from us and the authors you support, you will receive an early, free copy of all the Kindle Scout books you nominated that are published. Continue to champion the books and authors you helped bring to life by leaving reviews and sharing with friends.

Below are several folk whose blog posts I thought helpful and of interest.



(alphabetical by last name)


Are You Participating?

Now that international writers are also being accepted into Kindle Scout, it should interesting to see the breadth and variety of work that’s available for sampling.

If you are a writer and would like to add your blog post about your participation in Kindle Scout, please do so in the comments.

Only link to a post or article you have written about your own experience in Kindle Scout.

No spam or links to other programs or products please.

Thanks so much 🙂



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    • Oh, and glad you checked out Armand’s book at Kindle Scout. I think it’s an option well worth checking out.

      I’d hoped to have a book into KS by now, but my final edit stage takes into account flow, pace, etc, and even I can see it needs some chapter restructuring and some new chapter tidbits here and there to spark the counter flow interests. That’ll all actually make sense one day when I finished with it, lol! 🙂


  1. Adan, your blog has a lovely style. Tranquil. Thanks for including me in your international list. The Kindle Scout experience is an interesting one 🙂 I’m curious now if you do try it – good luck!


    • Jenny, thanks so much, those are very kind words 🙂 The images are my own, stuff I take on trips or around Austin and have good memories of.

      I’m about 1/3 through my final read through with my book, so as I continue the first 1/3 will get edited and hopefully relatively soon I’ll have the story all ready. The cover’s being worked on, also using one of my Vermont images (my wife’s from there) and looks to be really on target.

      I think unless something comes up that’s strong enough to change my mind, I’ll give KS a try. I already have two stories in Kindle Worlds, so I like the basic Amazon concept and connected-ness. I’ll definitely give the Kindle Boards a huge heads up when I do though, lol. Thanks again, glad you stopped by 🙂


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