Campagne à Paris

An interesting photo shoot of a little known area of Paris, nice! Via Tom Plevnik

#Paris #Photography

Tom Plevnik Photography

Un lieu insolite unique à Paris… An unusual place unique in Paris. This is Paris, too.  Let’s be honest, the area around isn’t especially recognized to house wonderful monuments, nor to be the most attractive of Paris. Even so, Campagne à Paris alone deserves to go there as the place is, absolutely beautiful. Everything contributes to give the Campagne à Paris a unique character that you won’t find anywhere else in Paris. It’s the feeling of being totally isolated from the rest of the city that makes the countryside in Paris a place apart.

DSC_8792-01 Rue Irénée Blanc

DSC_8796-01 Rue du Père Prosper-Enfantin

DSC_8800-01 Rue Jules Siegfried

DSC_8803-01 Rue Jules Siegfried

DSC_8809-01 Rue Irénée Blanc

DSC_8816-01 Rue Georges Pérec

DSC_8817-01 Rue Georges Pérec

DSC_8824-01 Rue Mondonville

DSC_8833-01 Bar de la Place Edith Piaf

DSC_8836-01 Bar de la Place Edith Piaf

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