Deciding When My Painting is Done, Part 2 – Stopping Myself Before I Ruin My Own Art (smiles)

Yellow Blooms Coral Accents work in progress #1
©Felipe Adan Lerma
Yellow Blooms Coral Accents work in progress #1
©Felipe Adan Lerma

My “stopping myself before I ruin my own art” sample above serves dual purpose – it was once a delicate single flower with a muted background.

I tried to “enhance” the flower (I was quite happy with the background), feeling it “had” to have a certain look or finish. Maybe it did. But, using my palette knife, I tried adding texture when I should have (I now realize) added glazes.

Yellow Blooms Coral Accents work in progress #2
©Felipe Adan Lerma
Yellow Blooms Coral Accents work in progress #2
©Felipe Adan Lerma

Behind the black backdrop behind the yellows is that former painting!

So at this point my shakey question to myself was, is this finished enough? I liked it. I was comfortable with it. But again I wanted just a few more finishing touches. And this time color and texture were added delicately, slowly, using both a palette knife and brush. I hope you like the result 🙂

Yellow Blooms Coral Accents ©Felipe Adan Lerma - 8x8 inch gallery wrap water soluble oil painting.
Yellow Blooms Coral Accents
©Felipe Adan Lerma

8×8 Inch Gallery Wrap Art
Full res image at –

Update July 16, 2019 – the original of Yellow Blooms Coral accents is now available on eBay!

Next post in this little series, “Deciding When My Painting is Done” I’ll talk a little about another very recent painting where I had added an object into a landscape abstract, it didn’t work, and how I solved the problem – I hope 🙂

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