My Blog’s New Look 😊 — Recent Comments, Top Posts, Choose Your Language, Plus Posts in Title/Image Grid!

Watering Can Survivor
© Felipe Adan Lerma
Glimpses – Watering Can Survivor
© Felipe Adan Lerma

My initial idea for choosing “Watering Can Survivor” as the lead-in for my post on picking and choosing a new blog format was, well, for something pretty I was lucky to spot and capture, thus the name in the gallery with similar shots – Glimpses 😊

What’s happened is one of those serendipity moments where now the image of the time-embattled rickety watering can, with the help of both the sun and a small dose of digital magic, has been transformed!

A little light-enhancing dodging and spacial-adjusting sharpening was my small contribution. The “glimpse” of the small exact moment the sun altered the shadows and colors – providence – is the real magic.

Then, once cropped within an inch of its visual life, the picture just kinda sprang into being with new meaning!

Meanwhile, visiting other folks’ blogs, I’d felt it’d be more fun if my visitors could also see —

  1. who was commenting and on which posts
  2. what posts were receiving the most attention
  3. let each visitor choose their language of choice (courtesy of Google!)
  4. plus, on the landing page ( show recent posts as images with blog titles, vs just summaries

At the same time I was tinkering with my chosen image, I was also choosing a new blog format.

The new sidebar meant I needed to change and eliminate and move my widgets, quickly. Suddenly the old material gained new light. Important perspectives could be revealed. Visitors and their comments appeared. Top posts were identified. I could read my work in Spanish or French among dozens of languages!

My new WordPress theme was doing to my content what the sun and Affinity Photo – my digital program of choice – had done to my old but still much beloved floral arrangement from decades back – given it new improved life!

These were the same features I’d either been surprised by & glad to see on other blogs, or had found just plain interesting and fun!

Additionally, having a sidebar widget area will be immensely helpful as I develop my art auctions and limited editions, and possibly even some special licensing ideas!

Like my Watering Can Survivor, I could see my current and older material in a new light. Nuances and spots of interest once hidden could now be bettered watered, by both my old and new content 😊

Thanks so much everyone! 


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • Tiffany, so glad you like it! And I did play with the font and thought the same thing, this is “way” easier for me to read, so am very glad it works for you too. I think it’s softer yet clear; plus, I increased the font size a tiny bit. Thank you again! 🙂

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