SilverSneakers Yoga – I’d Forgotten What I Was Missing 😊 🙏

Shelagh Chandler is a long time dedicated SilverSneakers instructor from yoga to dance cardio.

I’d forgotten that.

While I was slow-conditioning myself to walk beyond 500 steps a day to an average of 8-10 thousand a day, the calendar had changed a year.

I lost the tug of missing not going.

Then forgot.

And all it took to remember, and realize it was time to return to yoga and add it to my walking, was one trip to Shelagh’s class.

That’s the power of the right exercise, the right timing, and the right teacher!

And I’m not sure there’s only “one” right of any of those, at least for me — but when one comes across one, it’s sure worth a listen, lol!

That, for me, is aging gracefully 😊



More information about SilverSneakers is at – .

And more info re Gold’s Gym, who hosts this particular class in Austin, is at – .

In fairness, the only other national fitness group I’m familiar with and can also recommend as having been great for me, is The Y .

Austin specific, I’ve also found Yoga Yoga to be a great place to try out – .

There are of course a blessing of yoga related locations around Austin, but the one’s above are the one’s I’m personally familiar with 😊

If you would like to recommend a location good for yoga, please post in the comments below.

Namaste 🙏


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Thank you for coming by!


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