Aging Gracefully – Walking’s Paying Off After Surgery, Step by Step 😊

Always check with your doctor before applying any of my own experiences. We are all the same in many ways, but with myriad little differences to make us interesting as individuals 😊

That said, for me, if I had not had a developing but consistent walking regime I enjoyed before my gallbladder surgery, I might not have experienced the pleasure of feeling some of the fog of anesthesia fade – literally – step by step! The hospital hallway became a line of light that cleared the haze inside my head. My feet felt the floor hold me, and my arms began to move in motion with my legs. My spine lengthened. My heart, I could probably say literally — took heart! ❤️

This has been even more true and more important today, the second day after my procedure, as the pains of cuts and stitches make themselves more apparent. I took a very short walk this morning in a surprise, light morning rain. Actually any rain on a summer morning in Austin is a surprise, but that’s another story (smiles).

My lesson is — slow is better than not at all.

And slow is better than fast too fast, then not being able to move at all, lol!

I’ll leave you with some links and ideas that came to mind as I wrote this short piece. Oh, and the picture of me top of the page is “way” pre-surgery – the walking cane was something I bought at Zilker Botanical Gardens for fun. My angels must’ve been prodding me to get one 💕

Thanks so much everyone!


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Some Links and Ideas

Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter med

Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter (Adan’s Paris Shorts) Kindle Edition – my short story set in Paris w/two of my older multigenerational characters, Arturo and Rosetta. Not the whole story is set to walking, but important parts, esp toward the end, are 😊

And this is the fitness tracker my kids got me from Amazon for Christmas that gave me the feedback to realize how little I was walking, and how much better I’m doing now!

Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. Good to hear you’re back up and about. My darling Joanna had gall bladder surgery this year and in a freak reaction to anesthesia she failed to breath for three hours after surgery.. they thought she was gone several times but luckily she came back to me and has recovered fully.. slowly slowly but all will be well.. great to have it behind you 🎈☘️

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    • Oh my gosh! I am so glad she came through ok! But what an ordeal, so sorry that happened to you and her, Max! Anesthesia is pretty carefully monitored, but we are all people and people with individual traits! I always have to tell them, only a little for me – 1st time I went under, nearly 20 years ago for a colonoscopy, drs had to station Sheila w/me afterwards w/a monitor cause my heart kept dropping too low and wouldn’t pick up. So, so glad it came out ok for you both! 💕

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  2. […] My step count’s coming out a little higher a little sooner than from the previous surgery. So that’s good. I may not be eating like I want, that part may be lagging from after the previous surgery (‘cause my stomach’s involved), but the getting back-to-there is moving along a road I’ve familiar with. Even if the ruts are in a slightly different place 😏 […]

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