Have a Great Friday & Weekend Everyone! I’m Taking a Few Days Off, Well, Kinda 😊

My wife does take great shots of our grandson & me, lol!
For more bio pics like this, see my Selfie Gallery
@FineArtAmerica - https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=746647 .
My wife does take great shots of our grandson & me, lol!
For more bio pics like this, see my Selfie Gallery
— those are water cannons we’re holding btw 😊 —

So, Why, Kinda?

I do have two poetry and one eBay posts I’m actively working on, but wife and I had the first chance to have the youngest grandchild over since my gall bladder surgery, and the buoyancy of both the pool and this surprise visit was too much to squander 😊

Plus, next week we visit the surgeon to see about another possible, probable?, procedure.

So we played today and we’ll play Friday, then this weekend I’ll look again at my two poems, “Cross Country” circa ’94, and “Accelerating Into the Curve” circa 2012 – and the posts I’m working up for them. Not a reblog or reblog-update, but new posts w/links to the older postings.

These old(er) works nearly always provoke looking back at what I felt “then” and what I feel now. Aging Gracefully hopefully 😊

And my new eBay listing will probably be another of my newer work (2019) before looking to list another older work again.

Plus I’ve an art reception Friday night at Art For The People, which should be fun!

So you can see why “buoyancy” appealed to me today, lol!

Other Options & Ideas
My Amazon affiliate marketing highlights for this post   

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Frankly, I need to write more of this type of short story. It’s fun, it’s layered by both being multi-generational and the levels of messaging, and I like it, a lot, lol! Set in Austin, the grandkids want to go to lunch with grandma and grandpa — what could happen? Right? 😊

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What a cool image, really! But I also know, and my wife as well, this is exactly the sense one can get doing water aerobics or yoga – a sense of floating above one’s achy joints and tired muscles – an authentic sense of more fluid movement within one’s joints as well as within the water. It’s fun, and don’t kid yourself – you’ll be pushing to stay down vs pushing to lift from the ground. Different muscles will be working. But oh so gently! Though of course, these are generalities, and even if usually true, and even if true for me, you should check with your doctor to make sure this is right for you. Plus, I chose to highlight a DVD vs a book so one can get a truer sense of how different, and nice, this can be. Just make sure this is safe for you 💕

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Thanks everyone! And don’t forget about having that good weekend! 😊

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    • Thanks so much, Kirt! I did slip in a short stay at another art reception, but we’re off to see the youngest of the 5 grandkids in just a bit. Yes, hard to beat that for sure! I’ll update folks next week re the dr & as to “whatever” may be next, lol 😊

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    • Kirt, surgeon says, barring the unknown 🙂 an early Sept 2 1/2 surgery w/2 outpatient exploratory procedures between now & then. It’s such a relief to have a plan, I fell asleep after this afternoon, lol! Anything changes, I’ll be sure & update. Meanwhile, getting better & better, so more quality time w/the little ones 😊

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