Aging Gracefully – Update on My Health & Upcoming “Tune-up” 😊

Adan on Trampoline, Krause Springs, Texas
Shot taken over 6 years ago a I challenged myself to not flip over lol 😂 
I think I’m in a metaphorically similar challenge right now 😊
Adan on Trampoline, Krause Springs, Texas
Shot taken over 6 years ago a I challenged myself to not flip over lol 😂
I think I’m in a metaphorically similar challenge right now 😊

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What’s Going On…

I kinda thought this a cute but hopefully not too cute a title ‘cause I’ve also been working on a major blog update post with “tune-up” in the title for nearly a week. I must have tune-up on the brain syndrome 😊

I’ve many several blog & art post-projects in the works —

  • Major blog tune-up
  • Thoughts & connections ‘tween a tweet about Shakespeare & Co in Paris I saw that connects to an older post of mine
  • Thoughts & connections ‘tween an artist’s tweet & Instagram post re similarities he’s seeing about his landscape paintings in his new floral work and my own efforts along these lines
  • Post & comment on a very short story I contributed to a charity project book several years ago I (and all the other authors) kept my rights to, and wanted to eventually release myself, but wanted the charity collection of stories to draw as much sales as it could before I did release it myself
  • Continue formatting and releasing the remaining nearly 50 other images from my novel, “Queen” onto Fine Art America & posting here on my blog

But this week, my wife Sheila and I are literally alternating days between dr appts. Most are routine maintenance but two of mine are major prep procedures before we go onto a 2 1/2 hr operation in Sept to repair a long standing & evidently widening hiatal hernia.

Both, by our choice, are 1st appts of the morning. Yeah, get ‘em over with, lol! Plus, hopefully, less chance of delay in the day from any prev appts by others.

One is arrival after 7 and the other is arrival at 4:30 – both mornings of course 😊

Below are some related posts from my site & some related Amazon searches —

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Related Amazon Search & Product Links

This is kinda funny, and I’ve refrained from commenting on my searches except when I found what I was looking for – mainly something that caught my eye & I liked the idea of or was familiar with, but…my 1st search for senior health only had 2 things I liked, so I tried senior health books – better, but too many pet related books; so thought, gotta be more specific – senior health books for women .

That worked! Really well actually. Even has some interesting book covers. But my time is crimped at best, so time to move on. Try to add images another time, another post.

Obviously my next stop was – senior health books for men .

“Some” of the same titles included, which only makes sense I think, but a few distinctly guy titles 🙂

And finally, going back to pets but this time specifically for them. My wife and I’ve had many wonderful kitties, many which lived well into their teens, and we know how important this subject is and still is to us – senior health books for pets .

This definitely had the best image covers of all the searches, lol – loved it! 💕

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. Hey Adan, sorry to hear you are preparing for another upcoming surgery, I’ll be hoping for the most positive outcome! Good work organizing and updating your past works, and I love that photo of you up top!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Tiffany, I appreciate it 😊 I knew I’d have a month before the procedures for the next surgery but it sure went by fast, lol! And then it’ll be another month to hopefully the last surgery 😊 Yeah, the pic of me on the trampoline had my wife scared I’d flip over! It was fun 😊 Updating my past posts’ll be a good exercise for me. It’ll help keep my memory sharper about what I have done, and not forgetting I did some good things. Thanks, Tiffany ❤️


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