My Day Ahead – Oct 25, 2019

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Would go w/Sheila to the gym later this morning, but will be picking up the 6 yr old at school in the afternoon. Always a pleasure, the latter, but always a challenge in the city’s traffic. Easier to drive to Wimberley than into town at 4x the distance and barely a little longer getting there, lol!

Also need to see why in today’s reg post I can’t see my images. May have to contact WordPress, no idea right now.

Well, reformatted the two images of my laparoscopic scars via Affinity Photo, ie, flattened any layers and clipped the canvas of the visible image so no cropped transparent space was left on the file, and wallah! Images seem to work well in the post now – yay!

Nice start to a much colder windy but welcome day 🙏 😊


Yesterday was a push and a shift in both the weather and my daily routines – though I should say my attempt at a daily routine, lol!

My life has become the Wild West of daily living, in terms of routine, not, you know, shoot ‘em ups and saloons and stuff 😊

Weather wise we started on the warm side and a cold wet front blew in ‘round six.

The change, though our day trip to Wimberley Wednesday was nearly ideal, most of Thursday’d become humid and still. Til the front blew in! Rain lashed me and Sheila from the balcony back inside, but with grins on our faces, lol!

The other change was the steady push to take photos for art entries, get submissions in to calls for art dotted with warnings that once the venue was full – no more entries. Plus Sheila and I got the youngest girl from her eye surgery and took her home; we think she’ll be fine by tomorrow. It’s one of those new things where she’ll never need glasses or contacts again, will have perfect near and far vision, and as her son, our 6 yr old grandson says, maybe see through buildings too 💕 😊

Once we had her back home and settled, with an Indian take out food stop along the way for her, Sheila started on yesterday’s wild Salmon catch at Sprouts, and I dove back into the 2nd venue I was submitting to via CAS (Creative Arts Society). The 1st venue had a hard cut-off of early next month and it’d sent out an email saying the show was full earlier this week! Luckily I had my entries in & maybe hear something positive soon on that! With a delicious pause for lunch, I finished submissions for the 2nd venue (yesterday was the 2nd day since the art call went out) and couple hours later got an email saying show was full! I do think one or both of my entries’ ll make it! Nice cafe w/show through the holidays ☺️

Also decided on a nice reblog of important info from SilverSneakers re their classes & why they work so well for folks like me, ie, seniors.

Then, finished my reg post for today, something I’d been wanting to do but wasn’t sure how, like how to present the laparoscopic scars from my two surgeries, and talk about them in relation to the challenge of regaining my old sense of balance – like a spry seedling happy to wiggle in the wind confident in its roots ♥️ 🌱

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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