Why My Balance Needs Work After My Two Surgeries 😊

Adan’s Laparoscopic scars from 2 surgeries
Adan’s Laparoscopic scars from 2 surgeries

Note: This post may be PG-13

A few things 1st, for this hopefully short post —

  • My stomach was of course shaven & has itchingly grown back its hair, lol!
  • Though I’ve lost about 20 lbs, the rolls of loose skin and obvious fat content 😏 don’t give a pretty picture
  • And lastly, I am aware how extremely lucky I’ve been that having two relatively non-invasive laparoscopic procedures vs truly major surgeries, like my dad and many others have had through their life times for heart and other issues, is what I’ve dealt with 💕

I chose to post this because I want folks who may have something similar (and I’ve been told gallbladder & hiatal hernia surgeries are very high in frequency in our country) that having the relatively benign procedure of having several small holes placed through one’s core, vs having the muscles sliced through the way hysterectomies were also performed, though a blessing, is still going to require retraining one’s core to stabilize the sense of and very real action of balancing while walking, standing, moving, shifting and so much more – even sleeping!

My gallbladder surgery, being more to the side from the center line of my core, didn’t affect me nearly as much as the latter hiatal hernia surgery. I also have one other incision, pictured below, but didn’t want to, well, adjust anything else for this picture 😊

Adan’s unseen laparoscopic scar location
Adan’s unseen laparoscopic scar location

It’s just below the band and only on that one side.

One of these punctures, I believe, was for the anesthesia pumped into my stomach. My joke question to the dr’s was, well, you pumped the gas in, why can’t you pump it back out? 😊 The answer it turns out, is the gas is embedded into my tissues, and as it slowly is absorbed and removed by my system (thank u, system 🙏) I both experience some rumble and tumble readjustment in sensitivity to what’s going on in there, and, become aware of another area inside me needing “work” – ie, strengthening, conditioning, rebalancing this new area with areas inside me already more “awake.”

I figured if I was ever gonna show folks some of what went on, so’s to understand some of what’s needed to really not just recover, but re-construct, Halloween 🎃 would be the best time to bring out these pics, which are current, as of yesterday 😊

I’d claim I’d photoshopped myself before posting, but am afraid my skill set doesn’t extend to visual cosmetic surgery at this time, lol 😂

And finally, as a note of the progress I’m making, I had my first taste for and of bread Wednesday at the Wimberley Cafe – thought it would never happen! 💕 For pictures please see my review on TripAdvisor (not a paid link 😊).

Thanks everyone! Stay healthy, have fun!


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    • Thanks so much, and so true re following the Dr’s orders! Mine have given me the green light with caution, listen to my body’s feedback, test, evaluate, adjust – feels a little too slow at times, til I over do, lol! Thanks again, thank u for your kind thoughts ❤️


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