My Day Ahead – Nov 09, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


After checking today’s SilverSneakers reblog about “carry” exercise, I have some fun morning chores laid out today — get a new belt for my now saggy pants (see the new My Yesterday in Pictures post) at one of Sheila’s many store-favs, Kohl’s 😊; then onto Michaels across the road to see if I can find a 1/4 inch mop brush I like. The one’s I have right now are way too big for my current needs, lol!

After that, home for a concentrated day of art related activity – set up my new projector, see ‘bout hooking up my iPhone to it, and trying out how clear the projected images show up; plus, have to prep an 80’s abstract for delivery to my 1st art venue with Creative Arts Society since about 2010 when we moved to Galveston, then Vermont, after Sheila & I both retired (and then went on to Paris for a bit).

This abstract is unfortunately on paper, and was framed a long time ago, lol! I need to take the red metal frame apart and clean both the glass and the mat of dust etc. In the “old” days I had a full framing table set up, but not anymore! But I’ll get it done. Delivery for hanging through the end of the year is Monday morning. I’ll be sure & do pictures and a post on that after 😊

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous sunny day in the 70s!

Gonna hold the weatherman to it! 😊


Listening to Stevie Nicks (circa ‘81) – Edge of Seventeen (live & recorded versions), Rhiannon, Stop Dragging My Heart Around (w/Tom Petty), Leather and Lace (w/Don Henley – Eagles) ; Mel Carter (Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – ‘65) ; Those Magic Changes (Grease – ‘78)

Yesterday was a brutally satisfying day of chores, early rising, the grandson, exercising, grocery stores, weather, and art material deliveries via Amazon. But I want to carry on a tiny bit more about music, carrying forward from yesterday’s My Day Ahead post (with memories of listening to Bruce Springsteen ❤️ )

Music, evidently, links areas of the brain not normally lighting up together, has parallels to cursive writing, and may by-pass parts of the brain to help folks dealing with Parkinson’s Disease!

And of course, music crosses cultures and languages across vast ages.

I believe most if not all the arts do something similar.
Speak to all people – touch us deeply.

Whether the art is visual or audible or tactile, or combinations of any of our senses and imaginations, it touches us somehow.

A visual work of art sends light waves to our eyes that touch sensors that suggest through associations within us, feelings and memories, hopes and dreams, ideas and plans.

Each art form touches us distinctly and immediately.

It is our gift. It is our treasure.

It is us…. 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • Yes! Intensely intricately so, I think. At some point, we are music, we are art – so very neat! ❤️ I still have, buried away somewhere, a video dvd of Stevie Nicks recording in the studio when she 1st started – so incredibly young & gifted! 😊


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