My Day Ahead – Nov 14, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Third carbon-copy cold wet day with only slightly differently placed wrinkles 😊

Gonna try and go w/Sheila to SilverSneakers Yoga at Gold’s Gym. Haven’t been since close to after my 2nd surgery, and I definitely had balance challenges I hadn’t had before. I should be better along now (I hope!)

Might mean not getting to 7500+ steps today, but that’s ok. Balance core work is just as important, and yesterday I did crack over 7500.

After, once home, work on my Creative Arts Society art deliveries blog post. Maybe, hopefully, paint. Just haven’t decided if I want to start something new, or continue my recent trend of re-doing something I like but not quite enough…yet….

Though it is amazing to me how much seeing my spectrum of work across nearly 4 decades helps me. So many styles, but something there so much the same….

My only rule’ll be keeping myself alive to it all —
The creativity, the fire, the colors —


Listening to Deuter (Sound of Invisible Waters) , Bruce Springsteen (I’m on Fire, Hungry Heart)

Full Day, into An Evening of Contemplation

Strange weather day yesterday. Morning was cold again, as expected, but with hardly any wind, and actually felt nice. Calm. Cool. Breathable.

I left Sheila at the Y, and delivered my two 2000’s paintings to Cypress Grill, a nifty neighborhood cafe that’s grown itself into a classy casual place to eat or have a drink.

Posted pics of both the Y and the cafe in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, which is part of why, I think, the contemplation, almost melancholy later, in the evening. The images of the past, my past, from the early 2000s, going public, maybe for the 1st time, these specifically at least. Some sort of reminder & comparison after just having delivered two works (also never shown publicly) from the early 80s….

Once I’d delivered my art, I returned to the Y, and walked the splendid indoor track. Lots of seniors and a few bouncy “young’ens” out pacing us walkers, lol 😊 It was good to be able to walk again, like I’d been doing before the cold blast and wet the day before. Sheila & I even went on after to Sprouts and got wild salmon & other goodies & Sheila fixed a super-as-usual lunch (pics on that too, lol!). Weather was still holding, so I walked & checked for mail (none) & picked up a coffee at the clubhouse. Flavor that morning was Dunkin’ Donuts Breakfast. Nice, mild, smooth. My intent for the afternoon was to paint, but I felt draggy. I walked some more indoors and that helped. But not enough. I worked on blog posts, including a reblog, and something substantial re my two recent art deliveries, both to CAS art shows. The ones with paintings from the early 80s and the early 2000s.

Which is another part of why I think I got contemplative. I mentioned melancholy, but maybe more, introspective. There was something in how the curators of each show (volunteers who help set up the various shows for Creative Arts Society) looked at them. I could see their eyes searching the surfaces, almost wanting to reach out and touch them.

There was a time, many times it happened actually, over the years from the 80s through the 2000s, when a child w/an adult viewing my work at a showing (everything from pizza houses to galleries) would instinctively gasp with glee and want to touch my art. The adult of course held them back, but what I couldn’t understand was how they chastised the child for liking that picture, the colors, the textures.

So many memories masked through the years but as embedded in my art for me to see again as the paint itself, reflecting light back to me, literally, and I felt, spiritually in some way.

It’s true, as they say, about art and artists, that work really is me.

And so, I relinquished the day into pondering, feeling. Absorbing some of what I’ve been reading in Notan, and have begun reading in Finding Freedom to Create: A Painter’s Roadmap (by Dianne Mize).

Even now, I’m playing Deuter’s Sound of Invisible Waters over and over.

Symbolic at the least, right? 😊

I did take a few glances and looks and eye-rests on In the Light, and am liking what I see, what I feel from it. A smoothening, gliding, gentle coloring that lets my heart breath. I’m just not sure exactly what all that means yet ☺️

So I delivered art I created in 1982, 1985, 2002, 2006, and reviewed, almost reminisced about a work I created this spring, 2019.

And I wondered, what, besides work I can see, from the distance of time, is not bad, good in many ways, what have I accomplished?

Certainly not steady commercial success, lol. Or widespread recognition.

Except, maybe most importantly, finally, to myself ❤️

And that might finally be my true start 💕

I’ll take that…


Time for some Bruce Springsteen 😊 🎶


Note: pics of delivering my art and the Y and our super lunch, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 13’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link —

Thanks everyone!

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. That is kind of funny that you brought up touching paintings, I am a touchy person, and there are some things I always want to touch, cats or anything soft, fabrics, and indeed paintings! Every time I am in a museum or gallery, I have to remember NOT to reach out, it is so difficult sometimes! I did it just last night at an art show, I almost touched it and pulled back at the last second! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omgosh I “know” how u feel! When children reach out, esp if still wet & have to caution them, and even then, I take that as such a compliment! Sheila & I got our flu shots this week & the dr’s office had these beautiful color rich slightly cropped renditions of some of Monet’s work, and they had texture, but very repetitive. Too repetitive, so I reached out (quietly) and ran the ridge of a finger tip along one texture line. Definitely machine done. Very nice, but… 😊 It’ll be ironic if what helps humanity survive is those infallible lapses of fallibility and non-uniformity 💕 Nature loves variations ❤️


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