My Yesterday in Pictures for, Nov 17, 2019 😊

Sheila & Max Playing Dinosaurs 💕
Sheila & Max Playing Dinosaurs 💕

My Yesterday in Pictures Format

I’ve simply built my daily walking & painting up to the point where I need the time for these two vital parts of keeping me healthy and/or sane, lol!

Plus, instead of having to work images into the My Day Ahead series posts, this new series will enable me to keep those as pure text, and supplement with images from a variety of possibilities here. It’s an experiment of course, so we’ll see 😊


Partial Pink Sunrise, Austin
Our 1st pink (even if just a partial) sunrise in a very long time. The day warmed slowly but nicely, til evening, when it cooled quickly and just as nicely. Tomorrow (they say) will be even better. Yes! 😊

Sunrise Nov 17’19 Austin Tx
Sunrise Nov 17’19 Austin Tx

Max & Sheila
The 6 year old was out of pocket a week on a trip. It was hard to tell who missed who the most, him or her 💕 They battled dinosaurs to decide the question (I think) & tied ❤️

Sheila & Max Playing Dinosaurs 💕
Sheila & Max Playing Dinosaurs 💕

In-progress Painting Still in Progress, lol!
But, progressing along enough to keep my interest – a bit more gradations, a little more definitions 😊 When done I’ll have to do a comparison strip of images. Yesterday’s “look” for this painting is here.

In-progress Textured Painting ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
In-progress Textured Painting ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

This untitled moon painting is in-progress only in terms of being varnished. Took this image after sunset, so it picked up a lot of glare from the daylight bulbs in the ceiling fan (I’d just a applied a coat of varnish). Will see how it looks tomorrow 😊

In-progress Moon Painting ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
In-progress Moon Painting ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Evening Walk
Wonderful night to both meet my 7500+ step goal and enjoy the evening, something that wasn’t possible during the long hot summer, so I try to do this often as possible, even if for a short walk. Usually, once I get my feet moving 😊 I tend to want to walk a bit more than planned. That’s ok ❤️

Evening Walk Nov ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Evening Walk Nov ‘19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma


My Day Ahead series posts elaborate an both my day ahead & the day past, my yesterday 

My Day Ahead for Monday, Nov 18th, posts well after this post, and may carry a bit more commentary about the images above. It’ll also automatically show up via the link above when posted – thanks everyone!

Good ‘nite all 😊


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Thanks everyone! 😊


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    • He is pretty special ❤️ We just got his school pics & Sheila’s already put a 5×7 in a really neat frame 😊 I’m so glad you like the Moon piece! I put a 2nd coat of varnish on it (instructions said to brush it a right angles to the 1st coat) & gonna put a pic of it up for the next My Yesterday in Pictures. I think it’s coming out really well! Thinking of putting it in a small Christmas afternoon show a friend of ours has each year in real honest to goodness Austin honky tonk in a few weeks. If we do it I’m gonna have it and several others (all 8×8’s) for $25-45 each, this one probably on the lower end. Our big concern is just me making it from 1-6. Long time to be “on” after the 2 surgeries, lol! 😊


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