How Colors Can Affect You via WebMD 🎨 🌈 ❤️

Colors can have real effects on both your mind and your body. Find out more about how colors can affect you with WebMD’s slideshow. — Read on

“Our vibrant world is filled with colors, and they may affect you more than you realize. They can change your mood and your behavior, maybe even your diet and who you find attractive. Before you redecorate, get dressed, or serve your next meal, it might be good to keep that in mind.”


Like my WebMD post on the benefits of walking, this is another short yet complex-with-information post via WebMD.

This one esp appeals to me because it deals with color. It’s interesting how complex our relations to the colors in our world are. Red, for instance, both appeals and warns! And pink seems to be a BIG winner 💕

And green and blue both have positive traits I really like, which might explain why I like teal so much, lol!

I hope you take a quick look and let me know if anything intrigued you ‘bout the post 😊

Plus more of my WebMD reblogs can be seen here –

Thanks so much,


  1. […] coming back from our youngest girl’s booth (behind Sheila in the red t-shirt, she must have read my WebMD’s reblog about the effect of color, lol!l) Kids are always the 1st to dance, and if they’re lucky, like these two girls, someone’s […]

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