My Yesterday in Pictures for, Dec 18, 2019 😊 New Art Toys for Painting 🎨 👩‍🎤

Jack Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 30ct
Jack Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 30ct

My Yesterday in Pictures Format

I’ve simply built my daily walking & painting up to the point where I need the time for these two vital parts of keeping me healthy and/or sane, lol!

My Day Ahead series posts will continue, but on a much more intermittent basis. Already it seems some of that series’ usefulness is being incorporated into this new series’ format, me yakking ‘bout what when on, on the yesterday part of my life anyway, lol! It’s a continuing experiment of course, so we’ll see 😊


New (to me) Art Toys

Golden Absorbent Ground White 32 oz
Golden Absorbent Ground White 32 oz

A lot of these, all of these? – have been around for quite awhile, but my recent re-entry into acrylics has me searching for ways to do things that random sizes of plastic bowls and scooping with my palette knife for drops of water just weren’t working for more than random moments of work, lol! 😂

Absorbent Ground, above, from Golden, along with modeling paste and gels evidently, will allow one to paint actual washes (way more water than pigment) of acrylic on a paper-absorbent like surface that won’t wash away (like watercolor would) once dry!

Haven’t even opened it yet and very much itching too! But I know I need more than a few stolen minutes to tenderly test and try out. Today is already packed 150% full with yoga, the 6 year old and abundant sunshine. Tomorrow’s 80% chance of rain day might be the 1st entry.

Meanwhile I’m rehearsing smeared-wash scenarios in my mind.

We’ll see how that works out 😊

Jack Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 30ct
Jack Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 30ct

I have a large wooden palette I wrap clear wrap around and build up old paint on, with little valleys and ridges forming reservoirs for me to hold new paint in. These 9×12 grey paper palettes (there’s larger sizes too) promise to help me “see” the actual color better against the neutral grey background. I have a couple of sheets pulled out already and have one laying on my terrain-simulating paint-covered wood palette, ready for me to jump in.

The question that keeps rising in my mind is: if a surrounding grey is so beneficial for seeing colors more clearly, then shouldn’t paintings have more grey resting spots/lines/shapes within it too?

Hmmmm. Yeah. Hmmmm 🤔

Clear, 2 oz Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers
Clear, 2 oz Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers

And lastly, to solve one of my more persistent problems – how to add a drop (or two) to my acrylic or oil (water soluble) paint when desired without 1) having a spill-ready bowl of water nearby, or 2) making a trip to the bathroom or kitchen or water – each time I want my mixture of paint a certain way.

I think the lack of that easy readiness is part of why I screwed up (ie, strayed from my intent) my non-glazing glaze attempt on a small painting the day before (see Dec 17th’s Yesterday in Pictures).

Closeup, Clear, 2 oz Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers
Closeup, Clear, 2 oz Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers

These bottles come in varying sizes, and in packs. I got one to try out & already am thinking of getting one those 12 packs (cheaper per unit too). Evidently they’re also good for oils and perfumes, so should work for my water soluble linseed & other oil mediums. There’s also the option of just getting the droppers, since I have a few nice glass jars in small sizes. There’s all kinds of ways to create glazes and such (great article from JustPaint & Golden), even with the water soluble oils, so this should be a huge help.


My Day Ahead series posts, an intermittent series, elaborates on both my day ahead & the day past, my yesterday 😊

I try to post My Yesterday in Pictures series daily ❤️



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    • Wanting more time to play, ahhh, something our 6 yr old grandchild & I have in common 😊 Just put some absorbent ground on two gesso’d 6×6’s. Letting them dry to try my 1st ever (intentional) acrylic washes! Wish me luck! 😊


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