Adan’s Movie/Cable TV Reviews – “Knives Out” – a Charmer with Daniel Craig+++ 😊

Knives Out, Flim, Daniel Craig
Knives Out, Flim, Daniel Craig


A Little Background

From the time we met, Sheila & I loved seeing movies. Most of course had to be seen in the theatre, at the movies, without surround sound, lol!

We still do – Netflix, Amazon Prime, any number of TV channels, cable, DVD (at one time), and the old time movie house theatre, when it seems worth paying the $$$ & the experience promised being worth seeing “on the big screen!”

I actually wrote movie reviews in college, one of my first, after return to college after leaving the Air Force, was Car Wash w/Richard Pryor. I wish I still had it! Titled it, “A Sudsy Cleansing for the Blues” 😊

About My Reviews

In general, I don’t do negative reviews.

Generally, I think it’s more productive to steer folks toward stuff I like or thought was really good (sometimes that’s the same thing, sometimes not quite 😊)

I do often say what might/could be better, or I’d rather’ve seen or experienced, but in the context of why I liked the movie or TV show enough to want to do a review at all.

Thanks everyone – Adan

Knives Out” a Charmer with Daniel Craig+++ 4 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Note added 07.23.21 – now also available via Amazon Prime Video –

I left the theatre and spent the evening wondering if my obsession that Knives Out was a grand modernized tribute to Agatha Christie was just my imagination, and my limited exposure to the wide variety of mystery niches in books and film.

So I was glad to find that the info on Rotten Tomatoes backed up the same idea! In fact, my own 4 star rating may be a downgrade vs the 97 Tomatometer rating as of today on the site.

But though my own rating is a nano slice below 4.5 (thus the 4 stars), it’s not so much because the movie isn’t brimming with charm, more twists and turns than stuck together noodles, or the superb supporting cast (including – new to me – Anna de Armas).

No, it’s 4 stars because it is so obvious that a Daniel Craig / Anna de Armas film series/franchise, with or without a new superb supporting cast each turn, has the potential to captivate us completely. Like the Bob Hope / Bing Crosby Road Movies. Classics. And I think that’s what’s possible if Daniel Craig pursues this as a new line of interest.

I know, based on seeing him on a talk show fairly recently, he was “very” glad not to have to lose the weight and train like he has had to for his James Bond films, lol!

And to return to Agatha Christie – Knives Out has the required almost-too-many-to-count probable-potential-possible suspects, lol! It also has, as surprised me years ago when I read “And Then There Were None” – Wikipedia / Amazon, muted occasionally bursting moments of social commentary. And subtle though indispensable to the enjoyment of Knives Out, is that same wry twinkly eye humor (with a bite) I also wondered if I was imagining, both when I read “And Then There Were None” a couple of decades ago, and watching Daniel Craig, doing his surprising characterization, in Knives Out.

So this may be a four star rating from me, but I have to admit, I probably would enjoy a feast of future films from Craig & Company 😊 of this caliber, than lots of the other stuff out there right now ❤️

Thanks everyone! Knives Out was Sheila and mine’s 1st going-out-to-a-movie in two or so years. I hope you haven’t had to wait that long to find a film you like 💕


ps – the +++ in my review title is for the really grand supporting cast that obviously really relished their roles in the movies 😊


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  1. Cool! I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in years, but I am trying to watch more on Netflix, etc, it’s just that if I have any free time, I would rather be painting!! Lol! Thanks for the review, I will add this one to my list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We had Netflix for years back in the DVD days, then tried their digital as it was cracking up; I’ve heard they’ve really ramped up what they offer. Summer is a kinda entertainment lull, even if we get to take a trip again finally this year, and we use it to sign up for a month or two on something, maybe aim for Netflix this time 😊 Yeah, nice to have time to paint, been like pulling teeth lately, but little by little, bits of work are coming together. Thank goodness for the 6×6’s, lol!


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