40th Anniversary of Meeting, And Still Wondering What We’ll Do Next 💕

Sheila and Adan Circa 1981
Sheila and Adan circa 1981

Today Sheila and I celebrate 40 years since the day we first met, sneaking glances at each other (though I think I was the more blatant 😊 ) at the start of a two week 8-5 training for new jobs we had with the state ❤️

We’re celebrating by driving south of Austin to the doctor (cause it’s faster than going to the office 3x closer to home in Austin itself, lol!). A little vertigo check up is all.

So that’s a part, a good part really, of celebrating 40 years with a dr appt – we’ve each other to help take care of ourselves. I’ve been driving her around for over a week, like she drove me around for weeks following my 2 surgeries.

And she still makes us the most delicious healthy fun meals!

Yes, love has many many flavors 💕


This is an edited edition of our conversation on our drive here (dr’s office). Reminiscent of our drive delivering my art work to Jerry’s Artarama last year, lol! 😂

Her: We’ll never make it in time.

Me: Google says this is faster than the freeway.

Her: I hate the freeway.

Me: (thinking: that’s why we’re going this way) Me too.

Her: I wait five more minutes then call we’re running late.

Me: (thinking: our appt’s in 9 minutes, call now) Good idea.

Her: We should’ve left earlier.

Me: (thinking: she’s right) Yeah. It’ll be ok.

Her: I’ll call, oh, I don’t have their number!

Me: Look them up on Safari on your phone, then click their # to call.

Her: I never done that on the phone.

Me: Same.

Her: (looking at iPhone icons) I don’t know which one’s Safari!

Me: (coming to a another stop) Lemme see (hands me phone). Wow, you’ve got like twenty tabs open.

Her: I just need to call them.

Me: Right. (close several tabs, see one blank for Google, hand her phone) Tap on the address part and put in the dr and city.

Her: It won’t let me type.

Me: Try typing.

Her: Why’s it working? I didn’t have a blank screen!

Me: (truthfully) I never know how something’s gonna work on these things, I just try it and see.

Her: It’s calling, shhh!


Thanks everyone! Be blessed! I’m beginning to think it’s a choice to be open to this – being blessed. Otherwise, a miracle’ll do 😊


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Then we must for sure make 2020 a creative journey year to also remember! 💕 We’ll hit our 39th wedding anniversary later this year (Sheila seems very excited about #40 next year 😊), and I hit 70! I hope ya’ll have grand days on your 50th & ya’ll’s 10th, Tiffany! Very neat!


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