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Howards End 2018 Version
Howards End 2018 Version


A Little Background

From the time we met, Sheila & I loved seeing movies. Most of course had to be seen in the theatre, at the movies, without surround sound, lol!

We still do – Netflix, Amazon Prime, any number of TV channels, cable, DVD (at one time), and the old time movie house theatre, when it seems worth paying the $$$ & the experience promised being worth seeing “on the big screen!”

I actually wrote movie reviews in college, one of my first, after return to college after leaving the Air Force, was Car Wash w/Richard Pryor. I wish I still had it! Titled it, “A Sudsy Cleansing for the Blues” 😊

About My Reviews

In general, I don’t do negative reviews.

Generally, I think it’s more productive to steer folks toward stuff I like or thought was really good (sometimes that’s the same thing, sometimes not quite 😊)

I do often say what might/could be better, or I’d rather’ve seen or experienced, but in the context of why I liked the movie or TV show enough to want to do a review at all.

Thanks everyone – Adan

Howards End” 2018 Production – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Available on Amazon Prime and, recently, on Masterpiece on TV here in the U.S.

I wasn’t familiar with the cast, but if there was a defining reason this production was so beyond expectation for me, beyond the expectations of outstanding sets and source material, it was the brilliant cohesiveness and believability of the entire cast!

Never once did I sense a slight wavering back into 2020, but some recent productions of famous times by famous authors. There was a commitment by each actor into his or her role, into their environment’s role, the other actor’s roles, and the mores of the time.

And that would be the second substantiating reason why I rate this production so highly – each character felt fully vested into their character’s social and personal self within the times presented. Pride, fear, frustration, and a clawing to remain themselves and they felt themselves to be, despite the bombardment of competing social views.

It’s a standard of character we could use more of today I think.

And I believe we will again.

Below is my review submitted to Amazon Prime for Howard’s End. I haven’t heard back yet and not sure it “took” as I usually receive a message my review is under review before being posted, so I’ll need to check back in and see if it was received.

Meanwhile 😊 this is my review —

I’m still processing the details of why and how this particular production via Masterpiece has stuck with both myself and my wife so strongly. There was no doubt, by the end of Episode 1 (of 4), I very much wanted to watch this. I’d been hesitant, convinced I don’t know why, this would be stodgy, snobby, and just downright boring. I was as completely surprised as a child convinced its birthday had been forgotten, lol! For those who’ve seen the Hopkins/Thompson version (I haven’t), or are intimately familiar with Forester’s book (I’m not), I don’t have a realistic comparison. But I have seen and read grand literature since a young age, and am an avid consumer of great film and art. So, for my experience, this is one of the best done, best performed, best paced productions of anything from any era I’ve ever seen. The excitement, I believe, is in the taut balanced expressions by the actors, mirroring reflexive changes within and outside themselves into a truly living performance in the moment.

Last minute update, my review is now live on Amazon at ❤️


On a personal note, hope to post some interesting going’s on’s with my 6×6 absorbent ground experiments soon.

Ending a week of dr visits for Sheila (she’s doing way better, thank God), and starting (today) a partial weekend of our nearly 7 year old today & tomorrow (including trying to show him some soccer moves and he out maneuvering me like a speedboat round a cruise ship, lol! 😂) – I can feel each breath I take inside each muscle still capable of movement & feeling 😏

In other words, it’s been a full but productive week. I didn’t get to paint much, but did do a whole lot of re-working of canvases in progress I wasn’t happy with (using absorbent ground! 😊).

Til later (soon) then, good night all! Play hard, sleep well 💕

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    • That’d be neat! Let me know if u see it & how you liked it, Tiffany! The female characters across the board struck me and Sheila as esp strong, working within the confines of those times (whew!), and working it as best they knew how. What was nice about the guys was, except for one, how willing they were to converse even when disagreeing and remain civil. Pretty amazing portrayal by Forster. He unveils hypocrisies, yet seems also try to show how it stemmed from both the social mores of each class, and the person themselves.

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