Short Update on My Art, Blog Posts and Fitness 😊 March 08, 2020

Good morning all 😊

I’ve been unintentionally negligent putting out a new post for more days than I wanted. No terrible bad reason beyond simple lack of time and a list of pressing priorities, thank goodness.

The last few weeks wife & I have had a bit more dr appts than usual, but this week that converged with a strong slate of visits to Gold’s Gym for both of us, an additional check up dr visit for the 7 year old (parents at work), a soft opening (Thur) of a new mercantile gift shop by our younger daughter followed by the official grand opening yesterday (Sat) – both with the 7 year old happily in tow ❤️

There were a few days no painting or photography were done at all. The other days all I could do was piddle, meaning, sketch out some ideas on some newly watercolor ground applied 6x6s, or flush out floral and/or butterfly outlines with masking fluid on same, and even re-coat one 6×6 I wisely gave up trying to “fix” lol!

I did however manage to upload a new macro floral photo image to Fine Art America 😊

While my wife has consistently maintained going to SilverSneakers classes, I’ve been more and more utilizing the gym’s strength machines and indoor walking track, logging in over 10K steps several days this past week!

My strength work, which I’m getting into more enthusiastically lately, includes strengthening my legs and upper body, particularly for posture with the latter.

My fitness tracker shows quite an increase in my moderate to vigorous intensity minutes for the week – definitely pushing me to take advantage of wanting to get to sleep sooner and more often, lol 😂

And this, sleep, I believe, is where I lost any chance of creating blog posts this week (beyond a fun reblog of Kirt Tisdale’s digital work). It’s no secret we need sleep to exist. What’s happening to me lately is I’m looking forward more now to what seems to be a more quality sleep. Waking up more refreshed. Eager to do art, work out, do blog posts, have fun!

All part of “trying” to live aging gracefully ❤️

With less dr visits planned this coming week, I’m hoping to use that extra time to paint again (beyond prep work) – and – post regularly again! And I did, as mentioned above, upload my first new image to Fine Art America last night in almost three weeks, and hope to have a “new FAA uploads” post up featuring my three latest but not yet blogged uploads there — .

Meanwhile, before I go to Central Market then return to breakfast, here’s a peek at some of my recent 6×6 watercolor work. All pieces are available at this time 😊

Finished & Near-finished 6x6 Watercolors 03.08.20 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Currently Available Finished & Near-finished 6×6 Watercolors 03.08.20 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Take care everyone! 😊


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. […] having their images finished but not yet sprayed with fixative or varnished (see pic in my post Short Update on My Art, Blog Posts and Fitness 😊 March 08, 2020), Flowering at Dawn is still very new in my learning curve.First, it is one of the very 1st I added […]

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    • Oh my gosh, and what a challenge! Esp “letting” myself get enough sleep, lol! 😂 But it’s good, better really – today I black-gessoed one of my little 6x6s & gonna put some absorbent ground on it tomorrow, then see what I can “grow” 😊


  2. Great Felipe! It is very important to keep up the workouts, the walking, strength building and also some creative activities, like I see you have been doing. Great work! All the best,

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