The Old American Artist by Felipe Adan Lerma – Twitter Excerpt Series

The Old American Artist, literary fiction novella by Felipe Adan Lerma Amazon - Universal Link - Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & more - Paintings on Fine Art America -
The Old American Artist, literary fiction novella by Felipe Adan Lerma Amazon –
Universal Link – Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & more –
Paintings on Fine Art America –



Looking back at older work, like my 80s acrylics or 2000s water soluble oils, can be lots of things : sobering 😂 and, when I spot patterns of motifs or preferences in my work, very helpful for me, enabling me to see enduring patterns of interests.

The same, it turns out, even with its own variations, is true for other art forms I’ve worked out most my life, like writing, whether patterns of expression and beliefs within my blog posts, or, in the case of The Old American Artist – a semi-autobiographical literally fiction-like novella, connections right back to my most enduring focus. Art ❤️

What I’m doing with this blog post is laying down a reference page for a project I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile – go back through my 2012 artist novella, and Tweet one or more excerpts from each chapter.

I want the individual posts of the individual tweets to be simple, easy to load, and thus more probable I’ll be able to “keep it up” 😊

Still, to give a taste, and a bit more of how I’ll proceed on Twitter, I’ll aslo post the 1st except here. I want to bet a bit of a head start on the daily tweets, so if I have to miss a day here and there (plus weekends), I’ll be able to keep up a steady diet of posts of the tweets here on my site.



The Image – San Antonio Riverwalk
Large, 30×40 I think, painted with water soluble oils in the early 2000s, San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Riverwalk is one of two San Antonio painting I’ve done, the other titled the same, 24×36 I think, sold a long time ago in New York.

This particular work, my cover image for The Old American Artist, was in climate control storage for a long time after a dear friend, a curator and promoter who’d championed this piece, passed away. I’ve had it in my closet now for a couple of years, took it out last summer, gave it a good look, and put it back away. Robert, the friend, always supportive, said he could never figure out how I made my work (then) look as European as I did. I didn’t either, much less knew or felt or realized, as I do now, how true that was. Probably the Impressionism of it. I don’t really know. Part of the mystery of art and me and however it is that really happens down in the boiler room ❤️

Since this will be a reference page for all my tweets for The Old American Artist, with the cover being literally front and center, I should say the work is available, but I’ve no idea what to ask 😊

Ironically, I’ve some recent watercolors I can think of that are also impressionistic and one, in particular, A Walk in Paris With a View of the Eiffel Tower, nearly as European. But that’s cheating, since Paris is in Europe, lol!

Of the other two works, one is of wildflowers here in Austin, and the other is an imaginative figure work!


My Art
Plus, going through The Old American Artist, rereading it and choosing excerpts, I was also reminded of something that always came to mind back then – the images I saw and photographed and (somewhat) painted, deeply influenced the settings in my book.

I struggled with ways to showcase those images, eventually including two per chapter with my final book to now, Queen, the Novel.

This struggle is what lead me to eventually open an account and set up a site on Fine Art America, trying to get traction between the two arts.


The Numbering, ie, I.1.1…
Chapter designations, the numbering system, is fairly straightforward, at least as an example of early Chapter #’s and divisions vs later fiction, mostly mystery crime thrillers, like One Night in the Hill Country, written further into the decade.

Basically, I divided the book into three movements, like a play, those are the Roman numerals I, II, and III. The first number after that, an Arabic number, simply a 1 or 2 and so on, is the chapter. And second Arabic number, is the sequence of one or more excerpts in that particular chapter.

Two purposes for the numbering of the excerpts then are 1) so I can keep track! And 2) so those interested can see or find and or follow the storyline sequence. It definitely helps me, lol!

One thing I noticed right away was, when a chapter is a flashback in time, it’s not as clear as I’d like now. In later books I think I notated something about the chapter so the reader would know for sure where they were in the story. It’s something I find I like for myself as a reader, and I think needs correcting once I’m done rereading the whole novella, after which I’ll submit the new manuscripts with the minor notations as a minor updated version.

Paintings Photography and Digital Designs by Felipe Adan Lerma - From Paris to Vermont, Costa Rica to Austin and Galveston, including florals, sunsets, Black and White, and gift writings from Mom to the Rule of Law. @ .
Art & Photography by Felipe Adan Lerma

I feel that with this new excerpt series on Twitter, a sequential blog series of those tweets here on this site, with pointers to Amazon, Apple, etc, and Fine Art America, I’m beginning to unify that idea plus include my blog. Wish me luck! ☺️


The Hashtag – #OldAmericanArtistExcerpts
Remarkably, the hashtag is actually important for anyone following or searching for the sequence of excerpt tweets.

I saw, several years ago, the idea being used to link heavily related Tweet material, much it’s more general use of a hashtag for #painting or #dance etc, and have used it a bit for some other series, but I’ve had a hard time finding where they all are 😏 – another advantage of blog posting each excerpt tweet as its own post I think.


I think that’s about it for now. If I add anything important to this reference post, much like a page in itself I guess, I’ll post there’s been an update. Below I list the tweet links, books and images, on the tweet template.

Let me know what you think, if you like the excerpts, any images in particular, etc 😊

Stay well! There’s still lots to stay creative about ❤️


The Tweet Links

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My paintings @FineArtAmerica – 



Other Links

#OldAmericanArtistExcerpts series link on this site –

My paintings on Fine Art America –

Posts about my watercolors here on my site –


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • I think you’ll find the excerpts interesting as “art” related stuff, plus other things, like relationships, creative doubts, etc. I haven’t full reread the whole book yet, but am finding all kinds of thoughts I’d forgotten I’d covered, so really glad you’ll try reading more of the excerpts! 😊 I plan on starting the series this Monday, starting with this same #1. Yeah, Twitter has its pluses. Wish I could do more on Instagram, I’ve so many artist friends there too, but can’t do it all right now, lol! Thanks so much, Tiffany!

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