December 19, 2021 – 3 Videos of New Acrylic Work, Assorted Sizes and Colors – #Abstracts, #FigureArt, #Florals

Thumbnail of New Paintings Post video ©Felipe AdanLerma Dec 2021
Thumbnail of New Paintings Post video ©Felipe Adan Lerma Dec 2021

An important post with lots of new images, mostly all completed or near finished.

I haven’t had time to format and upload all these images to Fine Art America, but I am working on developing an image page of my available art work. I’ve a lot to figure out, and should have a preliminary post on the project fairly soon 😊

Meanwhile, to catch folks up a bit, here’s 3 short videos with glimpses of what I’ve been working on or finished lately — all sorts of sizes, colors and subject matter (’cause, for me, even abstracts have a sort subject matter to them, even if “eventually, lol!) ❤️

Many are so new I don’t have names for them yet! I normally tend to not be able to “see” or see into the image well enough til it’s done to have a title come to me ☺️

Video one starts with what I call a floral, or #abstractfloral (and what may be a blue butterfly), then progress to two new abstracts fairly fresh on the easel. The one on the floor at the base of the easel I’m thinking of calling, Time to Bloom. The one on the easel’s too young for a name yet 😊 —

New paintings video, Oct – Dec 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Next is a video with some work probably seen in some previous posts, like Heart Fragment, which may be finished, and Abstract Minimalism 2, which I feel definitely is. There’s also at least two floral abstracts, and now 3 of the color minimalist 12×24 panoramas, including 2 smaller 10×20 abstract panos.

The latter 2 smaller abstracts were canvases for 2 frames I already had, but they’ve already veered off into pictures of their own, vs looking good in the frames I had for them. That’s ok, I’ll get 2 more of those little 10×20 canvases, later 😊

Finally, the ending floral abstract is nearly finished, but has that center portion, which I want to keep “light”, and which I haven’t fully resolved yet —

New paintings video, Oct – Dec 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

The 3rd and last video is all about the new 6×6 gallery wrapped canvas abstracts (‘cept the Smile in the Moon painting ❤️) that I’ve been working on. I wanted to do more, but ran out of canvases til I can get to my storage & pull more to work on!

The vertical format doesn’t work as well I think as the horizontal format used for the first 2 videos, something to remember for next time, but I hope a viewer can still get a good sense of the new work 😊

New paintings video, Oct – Dec 2021 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Though a lot of visual info to take in, I hope that gives a good look that my work is truly progressing, or at the least, at least being created, and at a quicker clip than since the early 1980s (acrylics) and then the 2000s (oils) .

Though also true that I’m working “almost” as blind as those other two high productive times in my life, I’ve begun learning things recently, not just about technique, but about the history and almost the mechanics of creativity ( in all fields evidently ) – through reading about artists more in my lifetime (since the 1950s) and about realizing and accepting there’s a big block of unknowns, and most importantly it seems, of the unknowns of what’s unknown.

We work in faith, and hopefully, see the light on our canvases of life 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • It really has been (and hope it continues to be) a fun busy time, lol! It’s like I’m not trying to find “my” color or texture or look anymore. The variety would happen anyways, lol! But, I resisted it, wanting “a” style to be “my” style – well, that may happen still, but not ’cause of me trying to anymore that’s for sure 😊 Hoping all the best for you and your husband, Tiffany! ❤️


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