March 18, 2022 – Rearranging My “Art Room” at Home for a New Endeavor : Polyptychs, ie, Art on 2 or More Panels, Part 4 – Something New I Didn’t Expect Painting Across 4 Panels!

Mountains, Clouds and Waves ©Felipe Adan Lerma circa 2022, comparing side by side panels
Mountains, Clouds and Waves ©Felipe Adan Lerma circa 2022
Comparing side by side panels

I think I’ve finished my new painting – “Mountains, Clouds and Waves” – except for the placement(s) of my signature(s) and I’ll do that before my final post for this mini series.

What I do want to speak to just a bit – because it now seems so obvious but only became apparent to me as I was finished – is why & how I finally felt this work might be finished.

Working my way through my progressions to my current and possible final stage, I’d mentioned in earlier posts I compared the left 2 panels with the right 2 panels, and initially deciding to lighten the right 2 pieces vs darkening the left 2.

Here’s a start to possible final stage look —

— with a larger current possibly final version below ( still not getting the best shot, cloudy most of today w/a peek of sun ).

And below is the answer to what I shoulda known as obvious but didn’t ’bout when & how I’d know the work was done —

— that not only do the right and left 1/2s need to work well with each other, but that each adjoining panel needs to work with it’s right or left ( or both ) panel-partner!

There are, in a 4 piece panel painting, not one, and not 2, but 4 pictures here :

  • the total painting of 4 panels
  • the right 2 panels
  • the middle 2 panels
  • and the right 2 panels

Here’s what they look like isolated in those groupings —

In this case, with this painting, the image is a strong continuum.

But occasionally, in other folks’ work, and probably my own in some uncertain future 😊 the panel could be related, but not part of a continuum. I’ve seen some of this ( of the little I’ve seen/studied so far re panel paintings, in Joan Mitchell’s work. Here’s an example at the bottom of this really interesting article ( Living Your Wild Creativity ) about her & her work –

And if you like her work, here’s some of my related posts about her and her art – — I’ve found her work, along with Helen Frankenthaler’s, to be quite inspirational for me!

Stay well everyone! Stay tenacious, lol! 💕


ps – tomorrow I hope to take a break from my painting, other than the multi-signing for my 4 panel painting, which involves way more than I’d thought ( of course 😊 ) but…I’ll be posting some of the tweets etc I’ve been sharing ’bout SXSW, including a photo memory of Sheila & myself at an event back in 2004! 🎶 ❤️

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] the surprising way individual side-by-side pairing of panels created their own potential stand-alone art work!… […]

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  2. You’re doing something important here, and your progress with it is inspiring! Knowing when one mage is “done” can be tough. But knowing that not only for the components but also the whole of the thing must be mind-boggling! I really like how it’s turned out. The movement, the colors! And I’ll bet the textures are terrific, too (can’t see them here). Enjoy the signing process! Have a great weekend!! 🥰👋

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