“Angel Wings” – the silent flutter (poem & photo)

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“angel wings” – the silent flutter (poem & photo)

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i rarely thought, if i truly have a guardian angel, it would be alone…

experience told me my angels would be at least a pair, possibly a group, some coming, some going –

probably, one staying, sorta “assigned” to me, but i’d asure them, a silent smile across my heart, i wouldn’t hold them to it 😉  if they had more pressing prayers to answer….



i think the closest i felt that same feeling, with people, were the times i remember my parents, bent over me, as i lay with fever in my bed –

or even tinier, kneeling in church, while i tried to fathom the routing system for any prayers i could create that would “pass” the grade and help someone, usually in purgatory – i especially, as a child, kinda felt for those folks 😉

though i can’t truthfully say i believe with certainty, that there are angels, much less any given carte blanche coverage over my own whims and care, i’m sure not about to give up my “belief” in them, no way 😉


do you believe in angels? let us know, leave a comment (no poems please 😉 )


Angel Wings

Angel wings flutter

like swans on a mirror

cutting the clouds of worry

wounding my heart.

Angel wings can beat

a gale of ocean softened

breath across the prairies

of my mind.  The scented

air loosens the soil

seeding my thoughts

sending me colors

coated with life.

Angel wings will furl

like cotton ‘round me when I

sleep–my spirit parents

bent calmly on protecting me.

©  1994-2011 adam light creations /

adan lerma


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