Happy Father’s Day Dad, Original Poetry

Family Poems Cover Image, original family poems by adan & sheila lermaThis poem is featured in the “Family Poems” ebook by Adan & Sheila Lerma, a collection of over one hundred original poems.

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[ please note: this poem was inadvertently removed, and is re-posted for view effective May 05, 2013, Cinco de Mayo ]


Happy Father’s Day Dad


hi dad

i’m gonna write this

as a son a father a yogi and a soul

so if it sounds to you the way it sounds to me

well, just take that deep breath you’d seem

to often have to take with me while

i wound my way to some clarity


i knew you’d like that 😉


i miss you


you in a cloud in heaven

or over my shoulder smiling at

what i don’t know yet?


do you

remember taking us

for fireworks when i was ten

and you’d come home dirt tired but

loaded us in the car


got stuck in mud beside the road

and all i wanted was to

set one bottle rocket



i remember the last time i saw you

go inside the special mini


to your dialysis


we’d been stern with each other


does the soul of me

tell the soul

of you


that didn’t matter?


we still loved each other?


does the dad in me


enough along to

my boy

and my girls

to make them wonder some

thing like that?


does the yogi

in me




is what

enables me to see

some of this


and doesn’t


to mean

we’re not attached?


i think

the son in me

and dad in me

and soul of me

is yogi enough

to feel it’s so


happy father’s day dad


© adan lerma 2011


though my dad’s been gone a few years now, and i’ve begun to see my mom more her own person, there’s no capacity, or desire, on my part, to see them more than slightly different people

my dad would not have lasted the decades the doctors marveled at without her

and my mom’s enduring strength and humor would not have mattered as much, to her, without him

so i present them as they began, officially at least 😉

and i began, emotionally at least –


if i’ve the soul i suspect i have…

it probably got it’s destination call about this time 😉


Mom & Dad Wedding
Mom & Dad Wedding


namaste – con dios – god be with you



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    • thank you so much carol – i still remember being in vegas with your dad, and we got them to let us let him into the auditorium? hall? a good man, glad i got to meet him 😉


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