Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10 ‘2011 – Delivering My Art

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1
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Pictured, “Everyday Inspirations Vol 1”

All images original of Vermont, each with an original verse.


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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art hop, burlington vermont, sept 9-10 ‘2011 – delivering my art



Adan’s Original Paintings #’s 7-12 Plus 1st Review – at Art Hop, Sept 9-10, 2011, Burlington Vt

Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10 ’2011 – At the Festival


Article Outline
My Exhibiting Art Work
Art Hop
Planned Follow-up Art Hop Posts
Final Thoughts
  • Yoga-Art Quote
  • Two Yoga-Art Links
  • My Yoga-Art Quote




after teaching our morning chair based class, and after a quick lunch, sheila & i delivered my six small pieces to my assigned art hop location at 180 flynn ave here in burlington

none of the paintings are of vermont; my lone vermont creation, “rock point, vermont” having been a gift to sheila’s dad, and now back with us since he passed away some years ago, hangs in our dining room

painting some vermont images is a clear expected goal of mine

i of course have much photography of my new locale already

even my recent and current blog header is of vermont

so i’m patiently awaiting my own arrival!

of new vermont art that is 😉


My Exhibiting Art Work


My Art Hop Px Pic 1
My Art Hop Px Pic 1


My Art Hop Px Pic 2
My Art Hop Px Pic 2


My Art Hop Px Pic 3
My Art Hop Px Pic 3


i’ll have more to say in a later post this month on the art work itself


Art Hop

art hop has evidently grown tremendously recently, and this year’s show boasts over 700 paying artists

i feel i should mention the paying part, as, though i am grateful to be in the overall festival hop, i don’t want to mislead anyone that i was juried in; i “qualified” by paying the entry fee 😉

but the price was reasonable, and the potential and chance to exhibit is good

the opening friday evening event is chock full of locations all around town

and from experience, the saturday crowds are all fun and energy!


one of the better article’s i’ve come across on art hop, “19th annual south end art hop,” from art map burlington, says :

“Art Hop’s eclectic nature is part of what makes it a genuine expression of art in Vermont” and “Your rich aunt’s art fair this is not” 😉


the art hop itself is sponsored (run?) by seaba, the south end arts + business association

their slogan is “where art works”

i may not care much for my location this year, but i can’t argue much with that premise 😉


Planned Follow-Up Art Hop Posts

i’d like to do at least two more posts related to art hop

one, maybe some video of the paintings hanging, with a bit of commentary about them – how they were painted or of where or why that image, that sort of thing

that should be a challenge and fun 😉


two, a review of art hop, from my own participating perspective, after sept when the show’s run it’s run

last year, when sheila and i visited burlington, we attended the 2010 art hop with her brother, and had a great time –

but we stayed on the main road of bldgs exhibiting art work, on pine street, and opted not to take the free shuttle to the further locations…

yes, i’m at one of those further locations 😉 so we’ll see how this pans out

there are a fair number of small galleries and related arts-activity small businesses nearby, including a movement studio, a writing workshop location, antique shops, and various other studios

plus, switchback brewery, a local vermont brewery, with tours and tastings, is around the corner of the old industrial complex where my work will be, that alone may make things worthwhile 😉


Final Thoughts

Yoga-Art Quote

i’m still trying to find the site where, in the header, the blog’s owner had a quote from iyengar regarding yoga and art

it was several lines of text at the top left of the opening page, and if i find it, or someone sends it to me, i’ll add it to this post with a notation of when added etc


Two Yoga-Art Links

meanwhile 😉

here’s two links i think worth sharing

1) an article on magazine of yoga, “book review: art & yoga” by the editor, susan maier-moul

quoting the author, Hari Kirin,

“Art is not just a matter of expressing in an outer form that we already know. Like yoga, art is a union of the known with the unknown”

then susan,

Art & Yoga delivers concise and applicable teachings on the chakras in regard to the practice and exploration of practice of both art and yoga”

2) plans on a comet –

an eclectic yoga-arts site, by a young lady who also happens to write a regular music feature for magazine of yoga; obviously a well-functioning match 😉

emmanuelle, the young lady who creates her site’s art work and musings, is like a gently guided rush of strongly coursing spring waters…

…a beauty to watch make its path, yet with a verve of energy that borders it banks in a way that keeps one alert 😉


My Yoga-Art Quote

how do i tell the difference between art & yoga?

i can’t –

’cause my brush with reality is always a representation of what’s inside… 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


adan’s orignal paintings series

adan’s original paintings #’s 7-12 plus 1st review – at Art Hop, sept 9-10, 2011, burlington vt



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  1. Sounds exciting! I’d really like to have access to an event like this. The benefit of living in such a large landmass.
    I’d love to read more about your paintings too.


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