Photography Plus : Digital Photos, Photo-Poem, Photo Essays, Artist Commentary

Detail - "Onion Burst"A detailed review and sampling of “Photography Plus” – 2nd eBook from Felipe Adan Lerma via Yoga-Adan eBooks.  Arts, gently infused with Yoga and Fitness.

“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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photography plus : digital photos, photo-poem, photo essays, artist commentary




Article Outline

Basic Details

Index in “Photography Plus”

Sample from “Detail: Onion Burst”

Sample from Photo-Poem “Three Day Weekend”

Sample from “Final Word” in eBook

Final Thoughts for Article

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Photography Plus, a Beginners View
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“I strive to simply find a shot I like, then tweak as desired”


Basic Details

Art, gently infused with Yoga and Fitness.

If you are a person who likes to simply find and shoot a nice image, this ebook will definitely appeal. 😉

Among the basics, are :

  • Kindle eBook, 2011
  • Images in multiple use formats
  • Approx 10,000 words
  • 100+ pages in “traditional” format as per apple’s pages application
  • Fully linked table of contents
  • Generous links through-out
  • Photo-poem, 12 images with words woven around them
  • Two photo essays examining variations and adaptations in images, and life
  • And two original photography poems
I feel this ebook photo package has a great deal of enjoyment and usefulness for the average (that’s me) photographer, who nevertheless, occasionally makes a darn good picture. 😉
Please note: No affiliate links are used in any Yoga-Adan eBooks, or on this website.


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Index in “Photography Plus”



please note: formating may differ per reading device




Mountain Valley Curve


Windshield Mountains



Seaside Rocks

Pelican at Sea



Onion Burst


San Antonio Riverwalk

Swan on Lady Bird Lake


Dress Clothes

Aging Gracefully

Senior Reach

Self Portrait

Art Hop

Detail Close Ups

Detail, Pelican at Sea

Detail, Path

Detail, Windshield Mountains

Detail, Mountain Valley Curve

Detail, Bouquet

Detail, Onion Burst

Detail, Art Hop



– Variations

– Adjustments






Future Projects


Final Word

From the Author




Sample from “Detail Close Ups”


“Detail, Onion Burst”


Detail - "Onion Burst"
Detail – “Onion Burst”


my first choice was to present another cluster combination

but the sight of this lone white onion flower, well 😉

a swipe of the sharpening tool was all i used


the delicacy of the light’s shading, and the tints shimmering within the shades, both mirroring the gradations of light and dark among the background shadows, gives me a sense of continuity, even with the isolation in the foreground of the white coiled flower

it’s as if the bulb were whispering to the figure-like cross of green to its right

colors and shapes! yes, nature is a beauty…


we’d moved from galveston to austin at the start of the new century, and by summer 2000, we were in an older house near downtown, and in the northwest corner of the long backyard, these onions grew wild, coming out in the early fall, after the heat had left for awhile

people would tell me to mow them down with the grass, but i liked them too much

they were hardy, and they were pretty

i wanted to kinda honor them

pictures can do that 😉

– cont’d –




Sample From Photo-Poem “Three Day Weekend”


(first of 12 images and stanzas in one photo-poem)


Three Day Weekend

we were blessed, we were rested, we were ready

to go!

Adan Lerma self portrait in dress clothes

but the weather channel warned

be wary, or be wet

we waited

– cont’d –



Sample from “Final Word” in eBook



To my sweet wife Sheila, who’s been with me during nearly all these images happening, and being captured, and now shared. 😉


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Final Thoughts For Article

it’s exciting to be able to offer a digital edition of a work like “photography plus” !!

the images can be re-sized for a closer look

i can enclose detail shots for an even closer look

special features like the photo-poem can be incuded

even a couple of poems or more can be added

plus i can link in and out of my commentary, adding paths to illustrate the ideas

this is exciting! 😉

did i mention i get to bring in yogic and fitness thought, and blend it right into the conversation about the photos!

i’ve even enclosed one yoga-heavy article of how i used photos, to help tell a story of heart openers that reflect and generate gratitude!

yes, very exciting 😉 i hope you’ll take a look, tell your friends, and if so, let me know also 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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“Photography Plus”

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