Press Release: “Photography Plus, a Beginner’s View” Second eBook from Felipe Adan Lerma

Photography Plus, a Beginners View
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Press Release – “Photography Plus, a Beginner’s View”  Second eBook from Felipe Adan Lerma; A repost of Yoga-Adan’s Webwire Press Release of November 01, 2011 for archival purposes.

“a beginner’s view – the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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The press release below was initially posted via Webwire, on Nov 01, 2011, and is being reposted on Yoga-Adan for archival purposes.

Please feel free to access the original release on Webwire’s site.

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Thank you much 😉



Photography Plus, a Beginner’s View“ – Original Digital Photos, Photo-Poem, Photo-Essays, Photography Poetry, Artist Commentary

Art, gently infused with yoga and fitness. Original digital photography by artist-writer Felipe Adan Lerma. A banquet of uses for photographic images is presented, including detail shots, a photo-poem, photo essays, and original photography poetry.



November 01, 2011, Burlington, Vermont

Digital Photos * Photo Poem * Photo Essays * Photography Poetry * Commentary

A banquet of uses for photographic images is presented, including detail shots, a photo-poem, photo essays, and original photography poetry.

Artist – Writer for over forty years, Felipe Adan Lerma says, “I strive to simply find a shot I like, then tweak as desired”

Adan, as he says his friends call him, is quick to point out this is a photo book for the average person taking pictures with their camera.  He often uses the auto setting, and then adjusts and crops the image, if needed, in an editing program.

Eclectic in his art interests, Adan brings a wide array of active participation in painting and writing to create an engaging eBook of color images and words.  A gentle infusion of yoga and fitness is felt and expressed throughout the work, bringing Adan’s fitness certifications also into play.

The photo essays, “Playing My Edge in Photography”, for example, discusses “Variations” and “Adaptations”  Using his own digital photos, Adan presents, in one essay, analogies of a yoga pose to that of creating variations of an image.  In the other, his images, illustrating a sequence of basic heart opener movements for gratitude, are explained photographically – why the pictures were cropped or adjusted the way they were.

A full index of the contents, plus samplings of digital images and of a photo poem, are presented on a special page on Adan’s blog, Yoga-Adan.

Presenting yoga and fitness classes to seniors with his wife Sheila, Adan feels the same gentle approach can apply to the arts, including photography.  “I feel ’Photography Plus’ has a great deal of enjoyment and usefulness for the average person who, like me, wants to create a good picture, but not be a professional”

More information about Adan, including his studies and degrees, can be found on his website’s About page.  Adan’s eBooks are listed on his Authors Page on Amazon Books.  “Photography Plus” is his second eBook published.


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Final Thoughts

reposting one’s press releases is something i used to do on my old art website, mainly just to have a record of them, and it turns out, as per reading i’ve done lately, this is a good idea anyways

i do have a media room now, with info and links to the original press releases, but evidently this is a good thing to have too

like a lot of things in life, probably a good idea to have a backup 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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