Press Release : Poetry for “Nurses Doctors & Medical Specialists”

Nurses Doctors & Medical Specialists

Press Release –

“Nurses Doctors & Medical Specialists – The Poems”

A repost of Yoga-Adan’s PRLog’s Release on December 06, 2011 for archival purposes.

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“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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The press release below was initially posted via PRLog December 06, 2011, and is being reposted on Yoga-Adan for archival purposes.

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Poetry for “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists”

Six dozen poems from twenty years are in Adan Lerma’s new eBook “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Speciialists.” Titles include “Nurse Practitioner” “Home Health Nurse” “Family Practitioner, M.D.” “Caregiver” “Respiratory Therapist” and “Volunteer”


Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists - The Poems
Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists – The Poems

Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists eBook

PRLog (Press Release)Dec 06, 2011

Nearly twenty years of poetry writing is exhibited in the current collection of six dozen nursing and medical related poems in “Nurses Doctors & Medical Specialists, The Poems.”

Nurse Practitioner – ER Nurse – School Nurse – Home Health Nurse – Family Practitioner, M.D. – Dentist – Occupational Therapist – Caregiver – Hospital Administrator – E.M.T. – Medical Unit Coordinator – Volunteer & more!

A small selection of inspirational poems, such as “Aging Gracefully,” are also included.

Though not in the direct healing arts himself, after graduation from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Adan started work as an arts person, helping patients on a locked nursing floor.

“UHCL was a great college, where I was able to build my own arts and humanities program; then, in my first job after college, helping people through the arts at a hospital, was itself a unique, creative, and wonderful experience.”

Adan has since continued his writing and creative work from the 70s, the story of which is posted on his website, at :

“The Poems” edition offers a straight-through reading enjoyment of all the various nursing and medical related poems represented.

Future, Deluxe Editions, will include not only all the poems, but commentary, individual personalizing templates, and creative poetry writing workbook projects  Plus, an expanded Resource Links to sites of other interests will be included.  “The Poems” edition also contains a substantial links section near the end.

For the perfect gift of poems to simply enjoy and read through, this edition, “The Poems,” is the perfect choice.

Some poetry, such as “Nurses,” is humorous, while other nursing poems, such as “Nurse,” are more seriously presented.  A wide range of feelings are experienced and expressed.

A fully linked index is included in “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists, The Poems” for easy linking to any nursing or medical topic or title within this edition.


Specialty deluxe editions have already been created for some of Adan’s eBooks, such as in sports, and are written from the author’s added interests and certifications in yoga and fitness, joined to that of his studies in the Humanities and Arts at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

The poems and commentary are, as Adan says, “Gently infused with yoga and fitness. It’s remarkable how much of what I wrote in the 90s in my poems, is so like what yoga and fitness and caring is all about.”

An example from “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialists” with commentary, is Adan’s poem, “Nursing,” at :

Adan’s website also maintains a special eBooks page, with a listing of all available titles, with their Press Release and buying links at Amazon Kindle Books and Google Books.

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Mission Statement : Integrating Yoga, Fitness, and the Arts.  Creating new visual and written content to both experience and share my goals of integrating my life long interests in the arts and fitness.


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Final Thoughts

reposting one’s press releases is something i used to do on my old art website, mainly just to have a record of them, and it turns out, as per reading i’ve done lately, this is a good idea anyways

like a lot of things in life, probably a good idea to have a backup 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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