Press Release – Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved

Poems for Love Loving & Being Loved, Cover Image***

Press Release : “Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved” from Felipe Adan Lerma

A self-published press release announcing a collection of over 6 dozen original poems about love.

Available by subscription at Scribd and Oyster.

All available on major online outlets: My Author Pages


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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December 21, 2011, Burlington, Vermont


Heart Beats * Love Is… * Young Love

The Vaults Within Our Heart * Friends Like Sisters

A Non-Occasion Occasion * My Valentine Cliche´* Anniversary


Over six dozen original poems about love.

Poems for Love Loving & Being Loved, Cover Image
New eBook, “Poems for Love Loving & Being Loved”

Friends, Lovers, Family.

Poetry from husband and wife Sheila and Adan Lerma, who sold their poems for nearly a decade in the 90s at malls and art shows as personalized sayings.

New poetry work is also included.

Celebrated are the many types of relationships people have, with four categories of love-sharing poems :

* love poems for lovers
* friendship poems
* poems for special relationship occasions
* and other loves – family, pets

Poems range from humorous to serious to very tongue-in-cheek.

Humorous work ranges from “My Truck” (other loves) to “My Evil Twin” (friendship).

Serious pieces include “Friends Like Sisters” (friendship) to “She Is…” and “Heart Beats” (love).

Occasion love poetry is included for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentines.

Seventy-Five original love poems – each written either by Sheila or Adan Lerma.

Adan explains, “Sheila and I started writing poems at art shows with relationship poems.  It was what we were most attracted to do.  And it was what most people ended up liking.”

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Current vendor outlets include Google Books and Amazon Books.


Preview for “Poems for Lovers Loving and Being Loved”


More information about Adan, including his studies and degrees, can be found on his website’s About page.

history of Adan’s writings since the 70s is chronicled on his website.

Author Pages Online



75 original love poetry works by Sheila and Adan Lerma.  Love is explored in themes of love, friendship, occasions, and other loves.  Other poetry collections include poetry for sports, teachers, and nurses.


328 Words, 1 Image

Contact :

Adan Lerma

yoga dot adan at gmail dot com

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