Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved – a Valentine’s Day Gift

Cover for "Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved" by Felipe Adan Lerma“Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved” by Felipe Adan Lerma.  A Valentines Day ebook choice.

“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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“Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved”


Cover for "Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved" by Felipe Adan LermaIntro

below are several places with additional information about “poems for lovers loving & being loved” – including in-depth information, press release, and samples

featured by the indie spotlight recently, this in an in-depth question/answer format in regard to not only the contents of this ebook, but also it’s making and purpose

two sample poems are included in this feature, “heart beats” and “my evil twin” – the latter being one of my more favorite humorous poems (for friendship) from the 90s

the former, “heart beats,” is also featured as one of my earliest posts, for valentine’s day last year! close to when i started yoga-adan 😉


More Samples, On Yoga-Adan

other samples from this large collection of love poems, for lovers and friends and family, are on my site, including “wild music” and “i heard you sing” – both new

undercurrents,” which was written just a few weeks ago, isn’t in the ebook collection; it’s written in response to a prompt from dversepoets, a poet site, and involves kitty cats, but is still a love poem you might enjoy 😉

another category of love in “poems for lovers loving & being loved” is for occasions, and “a wedding blessing,” also published early in the beginnings of yoga-adan, is included


Press Release

a recent press release for “poems for lovers loving & being loved” is also available

separately, “12 stages of loving” has also been released, as a sense of how we are all lovers, at all ages of our lives, examined in a small separate ebook of prose-poetry



and related by intent, is my small ebook series, “Everyday Gratitude” – my most downloaded series to-date, with Vol 2, releasing free for five days, beginning wednesday february 15th

these are all perfect small gifts for valentines, and any time one is thinking of how love is in our lives

New Sample

below, i’ve posted “grandma” as an example of “other loves” in this extended ebook, “poems for lovers loving & being loved” about love

this will be this poem’s first appearance on yoga-adan



Grandmas go way back.

So far I can hardly see

my own shadow.

I’d like to think she lived

in a real deep cool green forest,

probably was friends with

all the animals I’d seen

in the movies as I’d grown up.

Maybe she lived on a high mountain

where the snows always melted

right on time with the first flowers.

She just had a kinda magic,

a sweet magic about her.

And it seems her eyes were always

twinkling, amused by me, saying, yes,

yes I could do that little project

that little idea.  That yes, I can

do it, and it would come out

alright…and that,

that’s my grandma.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma



all in all, over six dozen poems are included in “poems for lovers loving & being loved”

it is available through amazon books, barnes & noble, google books, and smashwords

though these poems are targeted for valentine’s day, they are also an excellent gift for mother’s day, birthdays, and christmas

i hope you enjoy them, and let your friends know about them too 😉





i think my ending “yoga” segment in my writings is now replacing my previous featured “final thoughts” section

yoga is about oneness and awareness of the various ways we experience that oneness

oneness is said to be infinite, and i believe the nuances we each bring to our lives and to those around us, is, by definition, also infinite

thus love, in its reach, it variety of expression, and its enduringness, is equally infinite

i have to add, that these are my beliefs, i don’t know them to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt, or in a scientifically proven way, but are what i sincerely believe at this time…

actually probably have believed, for a very long time 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


Also Available at Amazon Books

A Month of Mornings Vol 1

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1

12 Stages of Loving - Infancy to Infinity, Prose Poems

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