Opinion – Hachette & Amazon : Advocates, Enough! Please…

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga DayOpinion – Hachette & Amazon : Advocates, Enough! Please…

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Opinion –

Hachette & Amazon : Advocates, Enough! Please…


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Free Speech

Yes, thank God we have at least this level of free speech. So in that tradition, here’s my opinion:


Spokesmen like James Patterson and Tim Worstall may actually believe they mean well, but…

Come on guys, this is not a shouting contest where the loudest guy corrals the biggest ground swell of echo-shouters, is it?

And if it is, no one is winning.


If They Were Truly Sincere :

Patterson : – Lack of other offered solutions to save and share our cultural heritages

Why weren’t the majority of authors’ low royalties with big publishers mentioned?

Why weren’t alternatives to high prices like subscriptions offered as ways to preserve literature?

Why weren’t the new discovery methods from Scribd and Apple mentioned as ways to offset the feared onset of “fewer publishing houses equals fewer curators”

and there’s more, but this is enough…

Worstall : – Lack of other offered solutions to save and share our cultural heritages

Why weren’t other computer platforms mentioned?

Why weren’t other subscription or library services mentioned?

Why want to move readers from millions of available titles to several hundred thousand?

and there’s more, but this is enough…


And there’s more, but this is enough…

Because my point is, all this tit for tat does not replace what’s really going on anyway:

The free enterprise system of letting (within the law) people negotiate and do business.


I Can Wait

You know, I can wait on some things.

I waited for two years to read Patterson’s Zoo because it was too expensive for my taste. Got it at Half Price Books using a 50% off coupon on top of the discount.

I’m waiting for Amazon to remove the exclusivity requirement from Kindle Unlimited that’s only applied to little authors like me.

I can and do buy other authors’ work (on Amazon & elsewhere) –

And I can and do offer my titles on other platforms.

I’d like both corporations to better suit me.

But I’m not gonna skew any one side.


The Result, for Me

I’m losing respect for both Hachette and Amazon. I won’t stop doing business with either one, but it’s never good to lose the public’s good will if you’re in business, especially BIG business, I think.

I’m losing trust for them also. I mean, what is going on?

Exclusively signed authors from Hachette and Amazon speaking out as if neutral?

Or is it really something along the lines of this :

An ultimate battle for terms and options on things like movies, which Hachette evidently has lots of control of, and which Amazon wants in order to build a true multi-media competitor to Netflix and cable and HBO and Hulu and others?

Whatever it is, it’s gotten out of hand for me.

Where’s my iPod? (smiles)



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I have and use apps for Scribd, Oyster, OverDrive, Kindle, and Kobo.

I subscribe to, or have subscribed to, or will subscribe to : my library, Kindle Unlimited, Oyster, and Scribd.

I read Joe Konrath, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Matthew Iden, and more new authors than I can list.

And, I openly wish ALL of us, the very best.

Don’t we need it?


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namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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