How To Win Sales And Influence Algorithms

One of the better posts I’ve come across of how and why authors, especially self-published writers, can and should co-operate. Plus the various ways to collaborate. Info is provided via a dialog between authors Matthew Iden (one of my favs) and Nick Stephenson (intriguing work worth looking into).

David Gaughran

Matt Iden & Nick Stephenson Matt Iden & Nick Stephenson two crime/thriller writers who have been working together to increase their promotion and marketing range since June 2014

I’m hosting a discussion today between two authors who are using creative ways to share audiences, something which has the happy side-effect of increasing their respective sales.

As I said on Thursday, I think creative forms of collaboration – especially in terms of marketing strategies – are going to be big this year.

Traditionally published authors may have to compete with each other ways that may not be relevant/important to self-publishers – like agents, deals, grants, prizes, or co-op. But self-publishers have nothing to fear from cooperating with authors they are nominally competing with, and everything to gain.

The market is so large that no writer will ever reach all the readers out there, and the odds of getting noticed can improve greatly with the right kind of cooperation – as many authors…

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  1. Thanks, Adan… just bought their Kindle Supercharge book and looking forward to it in the run up to the launch of my up-Congo caper called Story Structure Expedition. What a crazy e-world it is now. Saludos amigo.

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