Six days left and I’m freakin’ out, man!

This is an author who’s done serial work (as I’ve begun with my new thriller, Queen) and is also in the running to be selected in Amazon’s Kindle Scout program.

EB Brown’s post, which I’ve reblogged the beginning of and linked to for the rest, is worthwhile for knowing what a successfully evolving indie writer is like and thinks works. Her posting identifies several traits that winning nominated selections in Kindle Scout shared.

I believe her own work currently up for nominations, Jack Made Me Do It, fits the same bill.

It’s clean, clear, intriguing, with at least two strong voices. I say two because the author uses the intriguing device of having “two” first person point of view narrators in differing chapters. That’s something that appealed to me as much as the protagonist’s snarky yet vulnerable attitude and “the guy’s” deadly cold one-mindedness.

Hopefully you’ll read her full post for pointers of things she saw successfully chosen Kindle Scout nominations shared, but go to her own work (in its last week of running) on Kindle Scout, read her excerpt, and see if you agree. 🙂

Thanks so much,


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