Show Me A Story – Showing vs Telling in Fiction

Wonderful examples via dialog and description. The latter, via a dog and a girl is really cute, and effective (smiles).

As most of Eric’s posts, this is clear, humorous, and very useful.

Henchmen Cover

Eric Lahti

One of the hobgoblins of writing is the constant admonition to “show don’t tell”. I’ve had criticisms – probably valid – that I do more telling than I should. Certainly the beginnings of earlier cuts of Henchmen had an awful lot more telling than showing, something I think eased back as the book progressed. Earlier editions of the novel placed a much heavier emphasis on telling. In fact, it was due to those criticisms that the book underwent a huge rewrite about a year after it was released. What’s available now is a different beast than what first dropped back ’13.

Still, I hear about showing vs telling every now and then and have taken pains to ease the telling parts of my writing in favor of more showing. Don’t get me wrong, there are still things that need to be told – it is a book after all –…

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