Twitter Recap for @felipeadanlerma 040816

April 08, 2016

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Well it’s taken “way” longer to post again than I’d hoped.

And no less busy today, morning cervical PT then pick up the 3 yr old for an overnight 1st time in several weeks – but hey, I’ve got this new Twitter recap format (smiles).

Every day I come across or create something I think would be fun to repost here on the site. Can’t get them all down, but here’s a few.

Google last month (just saw this today) has made an image editing software that’d run over a hundred dollars before, FREE. Haven’t tried it out yet, but worth checking out based on the article’s sample imaging.


I’ve also begun to upload my original photo and art (paintings) images to Fine Art America. They can print on demand (POD) from images. Choices include canvas prints, greeting cards, acrylic or metal reproductions, and even licensing. Very excited about trying this out.


As able I’ll even be tweeting an image to match the settings in my thriller fiction stories, so one can have an image to go with the excerpt from the book.

Here’s my excerpt tweet from Queen the Serial Novel Book 17, plus the image tweet posted shortly after.



A reminder: all the links in the original tweets should be live here, PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like it, AND you can also follow me on Twitter from this page. Very neat 🙂

That’s it for today, gotta go, thank so much ya’ll (smiles)




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