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June 01, 2016

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My Two Top Tweets in May 2016

These are my most shared or favorite’d (liked, hearted), and clicked tweets from all of May what other people liked best of what I’ve offered.

Buffer’s dashboard lets me choose which stats to see, from popular to most clicks, and these two topped the rest 🙂

What’s interesting and gratifying for me is you, the viewer/reader, choose both an excerpt from one of my thrillers, and an image.

Both slant from the heart with overt or embedded homage to romance (smiles).

One is an image of Paris, the other from Queen the Serial Novel.

This is the icon I created when isolating them in my timeline on Twitter –

Top Tweet @FelipeAdanLerma


Monday, May 02, 2016

I’ve quite a few “favorite scenes” in my Vermont thriller, Queen the Serial Novel, and this snippet when Antone (age 18) finally gets away for a few minutes from his younger cousins, is both short (a One Liner excerpt) and romantic.

This is an inspiration photo of my wife and I enjoying the festival in Vermont (smiles) –

red robes IMG_2925 twitter


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It was a welcome surprise to see one of my original images competing well for attention also. And with Paris is late autumn glory, it’s not hard to see this is an image also appealing to the heart and romance.

Several years ago I had already chosen this image as the cover for a short image-poetry travel-memoir about love 🙂

Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin; © felipe adan lerma

Love’s Travels: Vermont Paris Austin


Tentative Takeaways –

  • Both tweets, and variations of them, have repeatedly come up as daily Top Tweets
  • Romance appeals, in words and images, in thrillers and on handbags 🙂
  • My usual higher RT late night hours did not apply here

I want to thank all my followers and others who happened by on these tweets and either liked or shared or clicked on them.

It is, I believe, a deeply appreciated confirmation of being able to share our most deeply valued interests with others.

Thank you!

—  Adan



All the links in the tweets above are live.

PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like the tweet.

AND you can also follow me on Twitter – right here from this page (smiles).



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