My Most Recent Top Tweets @FelipeAdanLerma 052316

May 23, 2016

Words and PicturesAmazon –

Fine Art America –

Interesting there was a time I bounced tweets off from my blog, never looked to see how they appeared, if they were retweeted, liked, or the links (if any) clicked on (smiles).

Now, I relish Twitter’s simplicity and wealth of options.

Now, rather than choosing what to have tweeted from my posts, I’m choosing what to post from my tweets 🙂

Here, with my most shared or favorite’d (liked, hearted), and clicked tweets, I can share what other people liked best of what I’ve offered.

And as many of my old time blog readers and friends know, my interest are wide and varied – though threads of beauty and compassion and thought still shrine through.

So here, I present what Buffer, in their free stats for each tweet (easily seen below each tweet in my dashboard) calls, my Top Tweets. This is the icon I created when isolating them in my timeline on Twitter –

Top Tweet @FelipeAdanLerma*







A reminder: all the links in the original tweets should be live here, PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like it, AND you can also follow me on Twitter from this page. Very neat 🙂

Thanks so much (smiles).




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