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May 25, 2016

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Here, from yesterday morning into this morning, are my most shared or favorite’d (liked, hearted), and clicked tweets – what other people liked best of what I’ve offered.

With two previous days of postings my Top Tweets on my site, it’s easy to see there’s some type-favorites: excerpts from my stories, certain images – plus – a new sample of re-releasing some older poetry and sayings in a new format via Fine Art America.

Buffer’s dashboard includes  free stats for each tweet (easily seen below each tweet in my dashboard) calls, my Top Tweets. This is the icon I created when isolating them in my timeline on Twitter –

Top Tweet @FelipeAdanLerma*

This tweet had appeared earlier yesterday morning (featured in my Top Tweets post yesterday) and reposted in my Timeline later in the day and again earned Top Tweet – much thanks to writer Mike Billington for his review of Dirty Sixth Street Austin (smiles).


Not posted in a while but consistently well received is my image of Notre Dame early November, a bit of fall foliage still lingering. Posted early afternoon, this is also a good example of how my images can be used @FineArtAmerica. I had tweeted this along with excerpts from a short story about yoga and family set in Paris, Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day. This image is also the cover image for my small love-poetry-travel images book, Love’s Travels: Vermont Paris Austin. I’m very fortunate, getting to use my content in all kinds of related ways (smiles).


Early evening I posted several excerpts from One Night in the Hill Country, two of which became Top Tweets. It seems quite a few excerpts from my novella have been well received, so am very grateful I’ve the social media avenue to post them here also.


A Top Tweet yesterday like Mike Billington’s review excerpt top of this post, it’s repost late last night, and insertion among other One Night in the Hill Country tweets, like those above, must have helped this location-image shot for the book also be a repeat Top Tweet. I took the image about twelve years ago when Sheila and I took a day trip to Lost Maples out in the hill country. So very different from the coastal lands of Houston and Galveston I grew up in, and so very beautiful – the sky was actually this color (smiles).


A reminder: all the links in the original tweets should be live here, PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like it, AND you can also follow me on Twitterfrom this page.

Very very neat 🙂

Thanks so much (smiles).





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