My Most Recent Top Tweets – Yoga Paris and Faith @FelipeAdanLerma 052616

May 26, 2016

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Fine Art America –

Here, from yesterday morning into this morning, are my most shared or favorite’d (liked, hearted), and clicked tweets – what other people liked best of what I’ve offered.

Excerpts from my thriller novels and shorts usually dominate my Top Tweets, but yesterday, after several days of new releases on Fine Art America tweets of my images took the top slots!

Soon I’ll be resuming my excerpts and one liners from Queen the Serial Novel, and I expect the interest-pendulum will swing again (smiles).

Then eventually, I’ll begin working on & uploading my treasured Paris images (sigh – smile) and we’ll see how the tweets swing then…

Buffer’s dashboard includes  free stats for each tweet (easily seen below each tweet in my dashboard and in the re-posts below) calling the best my Top Tweets. This is the icon I created when isolating them in my timeline on Twitter –

Top Tweet @FelipeAdanLerma*

Only posted a few days, A Yoga Teacher is drawing the kind of views yoga itself deserves. I’m just fortunate enough to have gone back into yoga about five years ago (via Sheila’s encouragement). I’ve only tried to capture some of the magic I’ve felt practicing this ancient art. That yoga has been made even better via today’s modern discoveries about health and our bodies and minds, is a huge bonus.


My Paris image on this nice handbag via Fine Art America is like opening the door to fresh air, always a surprise and smile at the beauty of man and nature side be side. Well, across the river from each other (smiles).


Nearly as popular is this great night view of Place Saint-Michel in Paris. Between the night lights, fountain, and lovers embraced in a kiss in the foreground, this is an image that goes around and around.


The image of my painting Austin at Night continues to ring true for this vibrant city we live in struggling to stay humane and hip, yet embrace the traffic and technology so indicative of the energy here. I hope to have a new night image of Austin up soon, taken at my oldest granddaughter’s graduation (from UT) reception.


And last, my newest image-writing, Faith. I worked on the background several days, wanting to keep a first-glance impression of deep-flatness of space..but nuance suggestions just enough to catch the eye without spoiling the effect. Only up since yesterday evening, it’s drawing attention, but too soon to say how it’ll trend yet.


A reminder: all the links in the original tweets should be live here, PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like it, AND you can also follow me on Twitterfrom this page.

Very very neat 🙂

Thanks so much (smiles).





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