My Most Recent Top Tweets – One Liner Excerpts @FelipeAdanLerma 052716

May 27, 2016

Words and PicturesAmazon –

Fine Art America –

These are my most shared or favorite’d (liked, hearted), and clicked tweets from last night what other people liked best of what I’ve offered.

Day before, new images I’d uploaded to Fine Art America dominated my Top Tweets.

Yesterday it was One Liner excerpts from Queen the Serial Novel.

Probably due to both their timing on my schedule, and their content, they drew enough RTs I even received an email from Buffer letting me know how well they were doing 🙂

Buffer’s dashboard includes  free stats for each tweet (easily seen below each tweet in my dashboard and in the re-posts below) calling the best my Top Tweets.

This is the icon I created when isolating them in my timeline on Twitter –

Top Tweet @FelipeAdanLerma

One Liners are tricky but a lot of fun.

In context they hint or explain a great deal.

As excerpts they  entice with their possibilities!






All the links in the tweets above are live.

PLUS, you can like (heart) a tweet if you like the tweet.

AND you can also follow me on Twitter – right here from this page (smiles).

Thanks so much (smiles).



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